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Block This Twitter Bot to Avoid ‘Wordle’ Spoilers

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Tech-savvy Wordle fans can now see in the future. I mean, not literally—they’ve just figured out how to predict tomorrow’s word of the day by digging through the Wordle source code. Unfortunately for us non-cheaters, a bot is spoiling tomorrow’s word of the day on Twitter.

Update, 1/24/22 3:00 pm Eastern: Twitter has banned @wordlinator, the bot that was spoiling Wordle answers. It seems that the bot violated Twitter’s rules against automated spam and harassment.

Still, we suggest limiting who can reply to your Wordle score tweets to prevent copycat bots from bothering you.

The Wordlinator bot aims to “terminate Wordle bragging.” It automatically responds to all Wordle score posts on Twitter with tomorrow’s word of the day, plus snarky comments like “God, stop bragging.” Evidently, it was developed by someone who’s sick of seeing Wordle scores on their feed.

Even if you don’t share your Wordle score on Twitter, you may want to block the Wordlinator bot to avoid seeing spoilers under your friends’ posts. Simply visit Wordlinator’s Twitter page, press the options icon (the three dots), and select “Block @wordlinator.” (Be careful not to read any spoilers on this account’s page!)

Here’s some bad news; you can expect similar bots to crop up in the future. Instead of playing wack-a-mole with these bots, I suggest limiting who can reply to your Wordle score tweets. Doing so is easy and won’t affect any of your other posts on Twitter.

If you’re wondering how to find tomorrow’s word of the day, check out Robert Reichel’s blog on reverse engineering Wordle. Reichel explains how to dig through the Wordle source code, which is a lot easier than you’d expect.

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