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7 Cozy Slippers For Chilly Winter Days

Winter is here and oh my, aren’t your feet cold? I know mine are. To counteract that, here are some cozy slippers for keeping your toes warm during those extra cold winter days.

Like anything clothing related, slippers are a very personal choice, so we’ve taken a wide look at plenty of different types of footwear. In every case, your feet will be warm, but your sense of style won’t be affected. These slippers also double up as great gift ideas if you need to help a loved one keep warm on cold nights.

Here are our favorite slippers for chilly winter evenings.

Best All-Rounder: Amazon Essentials Men’s Leather Moccasin Slippers ($22)

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Leather Moccasin Slippers live up to their name — they are essential. Available in a choice of 4 colors, they’re made from 100% genuine suede with faux fur lining. A rubber sole means you won’t have to worry about slipping up as you walk, and its firm base means they’ll feel as comfortable as regular shoes. They’re even safe to use for light outdoor use which is convenient if you simply need to head outside with the trash or to pick up the mail.

Best Memory Foam Slippers: ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Comfort Suede Fabric Memory Foam Fluffy Fleece Lined Slippers ($17-$20)

Memory foam makes everything better. That continues to be the case with the ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Comfort Suede Fabric Memory Foam Fluffy Fleece Lined Slippers. Typical moccasin slippers made from suede, they also have a cushioned insole that contains memory foam and two layers of support foam, on top of a layer of anti-shock EVA foam. All that protection means your feet are safe from impact when you walk.

There’s also an anti-slip and waterproof natural rubber sole so you’re good to go outside as well as inside. A cozy polar fleece interior keeps your feet warm too. They’re a snug fit at first, but it’s worth getting used to them as they’re solid protection for your toes.

Best Shoe Like Slipper: BOBS from Skechers Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper ($10-$99)

Available in both male and female sizes, the BOBS from Skechers Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper might have a delicate sounding name but they’re actually pretty hardwearing. Made from 100% cable knit sweater, their tough rubber sole is safe to use both indoors and outside, with a slip-on fit that means you’re good to walk at speed when heading outside.

Given their comfy and cozy nature, we’re not sure if we’d recommend you head to the mall with them on, but they’re fine for a quick trip outside or down the road. They’ll keep you warm for a while.

Best Ankle Boot Slippers: Q-Plus Knit Rock Wool Warm Men Indoor Pull on Cozy Memory Foam Slipper Boots ($20-$23)

Ankles get cold as well as toes. If you hate to have cold ankles then buy a pair of Q-Plus Knit Rock Wool Warm Men Indoor Pull on Cozy Memory Foam Slipper Boots. They have a wooden outer and rock wool inner that keep your feet warm, with a memory foam insole layer that means your feet mold perfectly into them. A superior fit for your toes, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Especially as they don’t make a sound when you walk in them.

Best Slipper Socks: Acorn Unisex Slipper Socks ($32)

It’s not always ideal to wear slippers that feel like shoes. Sometimes, it can make your feet feel too hot, especially when the weather is milder than expected. The Acorn Unisex Slipper Socks counteract this by feeling more like socks, but with a few extras to ensure they’re sturdier than regular socks.

They have microfleece lining, along with a rubber sole so you can wear them indoors or outside. Their cotton blend feels snug to your skin without being too hot, plus there are suede toe and heel guards to protect your feet in the key places. They’re great all-rounders if you can’t decide between socks or slippers.

Best Choice For Kids: Happy Feet Disney Pixar Officially Licensed Interchangeable Mix-N-Match Zlipperz ($28)

The Happy Feet Disney Pixar Officially Licensed Interchangeable Mix-N-Match Zlipperz are a little different from other slippers. They have numerous zips you can use four tops and two bottoms to be provided with 3 different design combos. Because you just zip them on, they’re easier for kids to use than pulling slippers on or tying laces up.

The slippers feature a 1″ dense foam rubber bottom so they feel good for your feet, and there’s no risk of slipping. The only downside is they’re not really sturdy enough for outdoor use, but for kids, that’s not really a problem.

Numerous different varieties are available, encompassing plenty of Disney favorites, such as Frozen, Mulan, Aladdin, and Cars. They’re a great choice for little ones.

Best Novelty Choice: Happy Feet Marvel Officially Licensed Slippers ($35)

Not all slippers have to look practical. That’s the thinking behind the Happy Feet Marvel Officially Licensed Slippers. These slippers contain the same 1″ of foam rubber that the zlipperz include, but they have a crucial difference — the massive face of a superhero on top of them.

You definitely can’t wear these outside, but as a fun way of keeping your toes snug indoors, they’re pretty great. Many different varieties are available including Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers.

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