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Turn Your ‘Wordle’ Scores Into Cute Houses with This Tool

A Wordle score imported to Townscaper. It's a cute house!

If you immediately close out of Wordle after finishing a game, then you’re doing it wrong. You should sit and admire your accomplishment—you found the word of the day in just a few guesses! And in our experience, there’s no better way to celebrate your Wordle score than building a virtual Wordle home.

Late last year, a relaxing game called Townscaper launched for mobile phones, computers, and the Nintendo Switch. It lets you build cutesy homes or islands in the middle of the ocean using a simple set of tools and weather controls.

Now, a tool by Github user tarmo888 turns your Wordle score into a Townscaper home. You just share your daily Wordle score on Twitter, copy the link for your tweet, and paste it into the Wordle2Townscaper tool.

Wordle2Townscaper analyzes your Wordle score and spits out a virtual home based on your progression through the game. In the above tweet, you can see how the tool ignores “incorrect” guesses but turns correct letters (even if they’re yellow) into buildings.

The Wordle homes generated by Wordle2Townscaper are a bit bare-bones, but that’s okay. Townscaper lets you edit your Wordle home to your liking, or even expand it into a full Wordle city!

You can use the Wordle2Townscaper tool on GitHub. If you don’t feel like importing your Wordle score into this tool, then you can simply play Townscaper for free in your browser. Townscaper is also available for $6 on Nintendo Switch or $5 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


Turn your daily ‘Wordle’ score into a virtual home with this free tool!

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