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Believe It or Not, Here’s GTA 5 on a Game Boy

A Game Boy surrounded by games

We’ve seen the Nintendo Game Boy used do some incredible things over the years, from watching movies and stealing cars to now playing the classic game Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, GTA 5 goes portable, but it’s not quite what you think and certainly isn’t in 1080p or 4K.

How is this even possible? Well, technically, it’s not. This is because the old Game Boy doesn’t have anywhere remotely enough power to play modern games. However, a physicist named Sebastian Staacks managed to create Wi-Fi compatible Game Boy cartridges, and that’s how the nostalgia and magic happens.

Thanks to Game Boy cartridges with built-in Wi-Fi, he’s able to stream GTA 5 from a PS4 to the old-school handheld gaming device. You can see it for yourself in the video below and read about how on his site, but keep in mind that while it’s neat, the experience certainly isn’t anything great.

Combining the low-resolution (non-backlit) display with the lack of physical keys, it doesn’t look all that enjoyable. Then again, what did we expect from the 1989 Game Boy? It’s worth noting that Staacks is using the Game Boy buttons for input, which again limits your options when trying to navigate the streets, jack cars, or evade police. He also tried games on the Analogue Pocket, which works better.

When you boil it down, all that’s essentially happening here is a version of cloud gaming. Rather than Stadia or NVIDIA’s GeForce Now sending you the game, his PS4 is streaming Grand Theft Auto V to the Game Boy. Still, it’s pretty impressive, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

If this is possible, surely we’ll get GTA 6 sooner than later.

via TechRadar

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