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(Updated) This Company Will Convert Your Cybertruck Into an Amphibious Boat

Cybertruck boat Catamaran and Hydrofoil

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck will be a rugged, tough, do-it-all vehicle. So, imagine being able to drive to a nearby lake, convert it into a Catamaran boat, then explore the waters for a day on the lake. If the Cybertruck ever gets released, that’s exactly what a company named Cybercat is promising.

With how popular the Cybertruck is around the globe, we’ve seen all sorts of upcoming accessory ideas for the electric truck. From turning it into a mobile home with a roof-top tent and built-in kitchen, and now converting the vehicle into an amphibious Catamaran capable of 25 mph speeds (22+ knots).

Update, 2/9/22: We’ve updated this article after Cybercat reached out to ReviewGeek with additional details. To clarify, this is not an aftermarket accessory. Instead, the company plans to work directly with OEMs in the future. Those looking for more details can look over its expanded FAQ section.

According to InsideEVs, the Cybercat company will be offering several kits, including the Cybercat (Catamaran) or Cybercat Foiler (hydrofoil) to OEMs. Essentially allowing owners to upgrade and take the vehicle anywhere they want, from dirt roads to the waters. The company has several patents for its idea, which is still only a concept, but it certainly looks interesting.

Cybercat boat

Looking over the company website, this is a real product idea, and you can even save a spot for reservations. While the contraption already sounds wild, it looks like it’ll be completely portable. The Cybercat includes folding inflatable pontoons to keep your truck floating with 12-inches of clearance. Then, the entire device folds up and fits neatly inside the bed of the Cybertruck.

Owners can drive to the ocean, blow up the pontoons, connect all the parts and drive onto the Cybercat in less time than it takes to prep and launch a boat—at least according to Cybercat.

To turn your Cybertruck into a capable amphibious vehicle, the company is asking around $22,900 to $32,900. Pricing varies based on how many 50 kW motors you’d like to propel the truck once it’s floating. Potential customers can add up to five electric motors for a combined 335 horsepower.

Then, the Cybercat hydrofoil version costs anywhere from $35,400 to $42,900 but delivers improved performance, speed, and range, thanks to the hydrofoils. The Cybercat Foiler goes upwards of 40 mph and has a distance range between 75-115 miles depending on how fast you go. That said, we don’t think the foiler variant will be as portable as the regular Cybercat.

The company talks about adding a camper so your truck is a Cyber houseboat, adding seats and fishing poles for anglers, or creating a Cyber island. Yes, an island filled with Cybercats where friends can gather as long as there’s a standard marine-grade outlet to recharge the battery cells.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an aftermarket purchase once you have the Cybertruck. Instead, the company plans to work directly with OEMs and make this an optional add-on accessory.

What a wild idea.

via InsideEVs

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