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How to Save ‘Wordle’ Offline on iPhone or iPad

Wordle running on an iPhone.
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Now that you’ve saved an offline version of Wordle to your PC or Mac, it’s time to save the game to your iOS device. This offline version of Wordle will update with new words every day, even if your iPhone or iPad never connects to the internet.

We’re going to use an overlooked iOS feature, called Reading List, to save an offline version of Wordle to your iPhone or iPad. This trick works with both the Safari and Chrome browser on iOS, and the process to get everything set up is virtually identical in each browser.

Note: Saving Wordle to your computer will let you play the game for free forever. But if the New York Times ever sticks Wordle behind a paywall, the offline version in your iOS Reading List might become useless. Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac may automatically cache any changes to the website (such as a paywall), preventing free offline use.

This trick simply lets you play Wordle offline on an iPhone or iPad, which might come in handy if you spend a lot of time in planes or just don’t want to use mobile data. That said, I suppose this trick will preserve Wordle forever if you permanently disconnect your iOS device from the internet.

While Google Chrome on Android does feature a Reading List, it doesn’t save Wordle correctly. As far as we know, there isn’t an easy way to play Wordle offline on an Android device.

How to Save ‘Wordle’ for Offline Use on iOS

Adding Wordle to the iPad reading list.
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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use the Reading List feature on iOS. In fact, it’s just like setting up a bookmark. The only difference is that items in your Reading List work offline, as they’re cached to your device.

To add Wordle to your iOS Reading List, open the Wordle website in Chrome or Safari and press the share button (the square with an arrow). Then, select the option that says “Add to Reading List.”

You’re done; that’s all there is to it! The offline version of Wordle is now available in your Reading List. It will also sync to the Reading List on all of your other Apple products, so long as you use Safari and have iCloud bookmark sync enabled.

Wordle in the reading list on iPad.
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To open your Reading List in Safari on iPhone, tap the bookmarks icon (it’s literally a book) and select “Reading List.” Those who use an iPad need to tap the square icon in the top left corner of Safari to view bookmarks and the Reading List.

Chrome users on iPhone or iPad simply need to press the three-dot menu icon at the top or bottom of their browser. Then, select “Reading List” from the drop-down menu.

I suggest disconnecting your iPhone or iPad from mobile data to test if Wordle cached correctly in your Reading List. And if your Reading List ever decides to delete itself, you can go through these steps again or recover your Reading List from an iCloud backup.

Again, saving Wordle to your Reading List won’t let you play the game for free forever. Unless you permanently keep your iOS device offline, it may cache any changes to the Wordle website, including paywalls or redirects. At the time of writing, you can only permanently save Wordle on a computer.

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