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This Norwegian EV Can Outrun a Tesla Model S

The Fresco XL EV.

In the coming years, carmakers will begin to launch ultra-long-range EVs like the Lucid Air and Tesla Roadster. But a third, very strange Norwegian EV could also join the mix. Fresco is now showing off the Fresco XL, an “electric POD” that can travel 620 miles on a single charge.

That estimated range matches the Tesla Roadster and falls just slightly short of Mercedes’ famous Vision EQXX concept. Of course, it beats today’s most popular long-range EV, the 400 to 500 mile  Tesla Model S Long Range Plus. Fresco says that its EV’s long range is thanks to a super-aerodynamic design and stacked XL battery packs, which sounds about right.

The Fresco XL certainly looks aerodynamic, like a weird mix between a Cybertruck, a Prius, and the Batmobile. Perhaps that’s why Fresco calls it an “electric POD” rather than an EV. Or hey, maybe it’s a culture thing—the idea of self-driving PODs is more popular in Europe than it is in the US, likely because the technology is associated with transportation infrastructure rather than personal vehicles.

Either way, the Fresco XL looks like an effective solution for personal or public transport. Along with its impressive range, it features eight seats, all-wheel drive, dual motors for added traction on icy roads, off-road functionality, and the ability to double as a home generator.

You can pre-order the Fresco XL, which costs a whopping $114,330. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have a release date, and its range isn’t confirmed by the EPA or other groups. Also, Fresco hasn’t revealed a production-ready version of the car, so its specifications could change drastically ahead of its release.

Source: Fresco

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