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Samsung Finally Launches Its Galaxy Note Replacement

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in white with its S Pen.

After a year-long absence, the Galaxy Note is back. Except this time, it’s called the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. That’s right; Samsung finally gave its flagship handset the Note treatment that customers asked for, and the phone looks downright glorious.

Samsung showed off its Galaxy S22 Ultra during the 2022 Samsung Unpacked livestream. The phone ships February 25th alongside its siblings, the S22, S22+, and Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets. Here’s all the info Samsung shared about these devices during its flashy event.

DNA of Note: The Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in red

Samsung says that the new Galaxy S22 Ultra contains the “DNA of Note,” and the company couldn’t be more correct. This phone is a Galaxy Note in all but its name, with an integrated S Pen (no need for stupid S Pen add-on items), a massive 6.8-inch display, and of course, Samsung’s premier camera technology.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen features a QHD+ (2K) resolution, smooth 120Hz variable refresh rate, and a crazy peak brightness of 1750 nits. It also has a very slight curve and supports a 240Hz touch sampling rate for gaming, plus a “Vision Booster” technology that algorithmically adapts color contrast to your brightness level.

Samsung made some interesting changes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s design, likely to help it stand out from the company’s other devices. Not only is the camera hump gone, but the rear camera array now looks like the eyes of that irradiated squirrel from The Simpsons. The S22 Ultra’s edges are also a lot sharper than the S21 Ultra (probably to evoke the Galaxy Note series), and of course, there’s a dedicated S Pen slot.


Under the hood, the S22 Ultra packs a flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, which has a 6% faster clock speed than last year’s Snapdragon 888. But some regions won’t get the Qualcomm chip. Instead, their Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature an Exynos 2200, the first mobile processor to feature AMD graphics with raytracing. The phone’s base model packs 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage, while the top-end configuration gets 12GB RAM and 1TB of storage.

Camera-wise, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is technically identical to the S21 Ultra, with a 108MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto lens (3x optical zoom), 10MP periscope lens (10x optical zoom), and 40MP selfie camera. The only notable difference is that the S22 Ultra’s main lens can draw in more light than the previous version, and it uses Super Clear Glass lenses to limit bloom, lens flares, and other lighting issues.

Samsung also claims that the new Snapdragon chip expands the capabilities of its camera AI, which should result in sharper video, better Portrait shots, and enhanced night photography with the new Nightography mode. (Nightography is just a rebranded, more effective version of the old Night Mode.)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in black, white, and red with the S Pen.

And despite the built-in S Pen, Samsung managed to cram a 5000mAh battery in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It’s unclear whether this phone will last longer on a charge than its predecessor, though it does feature 45-watt wired charging, which is significantly faster than the S21 Ultra’s 25-watt charging. And yes, the 45-watt cable and power adapter actually come with the phone. (Wireless charging is still stuck at just 15 watts.)

Other S22 Ultra features are just carryovers from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, including an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor, mmWave 5G support, Wi-Fi 6E support, an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, 8K video capture, and reverse wireless charging.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 Ultra begin February 9th, though the phone launches February 25th and starts at $1,200. It’s available with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB of storage, and all models with a capacity of 256GB or more get 12GB of RAM.

Notably, those who pre-order the phone get an additional Samsung Credit of up to $200 to spend toward a Galaxy Watch 4 or Samsung Freestyle projector, plus 25% off any Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy Note successor is finally here. The Galaxy S22 Ultra features an integrated S Pen, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, a killer 6.8-inch display, and a massive 5000mAh battery.

A Minor Upgrade: The Galaxy S22 and S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22 in white.

In both form and function, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are minor revisions of last year’s S21 lineup. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The S21 series was fantastic, and these new phones simply take their design and features to the next level. (Well, some people hated the S21 series. For those people, I assume that the S22 release will be equally hated.)

Both the Galaxy S22 and S22+ feature flat displays with an iPhone-like flat-edged design. Their camera humps now match the color of their bodies (no more two-tone), and their displays are basically the same size as their predecessors at 6.1 inches and 6.6 inches, respectively.

As with last year’s models, the S22 and S22+ have AMOLED 2X 120Hz displays with adaptive refresh rates. The peak brightness remains at 1,300 nits for the S22 and 1,750 for the S22+. Still, Samsung says these phones are its most durable yet thanks to a new Armor Aluminum frame. The phone’s plastic backsides, oddly enough, contain 20% recycled plastic from fishing nets.

The Galaxy S22 in white, pink, green, and black

The cameras are both an upgrade and downgrade from last year. You get a new 50MP main sensor, replacing the old 12MP lens (a great upgrade), but the telephoto is down to just 10MP instead of 64MP. Samsung is sticking with the same 12MP ultra-wide and 10MP selfie cameras.

For whatever reason, the S22 and S22+ have smaller 3700mAh and 4500mAh batteries, down from 4000mAh and 4800mAh. But the S22+ now packs 45-watt charging, so there’s that. (The standard S22 is still stuck with 25-watt charging.)

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 and S22+ begin February 9th. Both phones launch February 25th and start at $800 and $1,000, respectively. They come with either 128GB or 256GB of storage and just 8GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are just as powerful as their Ultra cousin. Plus, they feature improved camera technology and a new flat-screen design.

The iPad Rival: Galaxy Tab S8

The Galaxy Tab S8 with its detachable keyboard and S Pen

Along with its S22 series phones, Samsung launched a new iteration of its flagship tablet. You know, the black sheep of the Samsung family. The Galaxy Tab S8 is here, and for once, it’s accompanied by an Ultra configuration.

Let’s cover the basic models first. Samsung stuck with the formula here, reusing the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+’s respective 11-inch and 12.4-inch 120Hz displays (LCD for the standard model, AMOLED for the Tab S8+). They also pack the same old 13MP main lens and 12MP selfie camera, though they get an upgraded 6MP ultra-wide camera (up from 5MP).

Under the hood, the Tab S8 and S8+ now pack Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chips. They reuse their respective 8000mAh and 10090mAh batteries and still charge at 45 watts. And yes, the S8 has a side fingerprint reader, while the S8+ has an in-display sensor. The only notable change is that the Tab S8 and S8+ now support Wi-Fi 6E and 4K recording.

The Galaxy Tab S8 in black, pink, and green

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, on the other hand, packs a lot of unique features. It has a massive 14.6-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, which honestly sounds too big, plus a second 12MP selfie camera, and a huge 11200mAh battery.

Actually, that’s about it … aside from larger storage and RAM options, plus the aforementioned changes, the Tab S8 Ultra is basically just a gargantuan version of the Tab S8+.

All models of Galaxy Tab S8 come with an S Pen, though the Tab S8+ and Ultra models feature an upgraded S Pen that uses predictive AI to reduce latency. The Tab S8 and S8+ models come with a maximum of 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage, while the Ultra model gets up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. (Bear in mind that all these tablets have a microSD slot.)

In order of size, the new tablets start at $700, $900, and $1,100, respectively. Pre-orders open February 9th, and customers who pre-order the tablets get a free keyboard (notably, the Ultra model comes with a backlit keyboard when pre-ordered).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

The latest iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors, improved cameras, massive batteries, Wi-Fi 6E support, and 4K recording. Plus, the new Ultra model is HUUUUUGE.

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