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OnePlus Is Working on OxygenOS 13 After All

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OnePlus just announced that it’s working on the OxygenOS 13 update to arrive alongside Android 13 for its smartphones. The news should surprise many, considering we didn’t expect to see another OxygenOS release following the merger with Oppo in 2021.

Over on the official OnePlus forums, the company opened a dedicated section for feedback and communication with owners regarding the upcoming OxygenOS 13 release. And while that’s great news to see they’re preparing for Android 13, OxygenOS 13 isn’t supposed to exist.

In 2021, OnePlus confirmed it would merge with Oppo and discontinue OxygenOS as it worked to blend the popular mobile operating system with Oppo’s ColorOS. As a result, everyone expected one “unified OS” that combines the best of both software stacks into one.

OnePlus even said it’d release a flagship phone in the first half of 2022 running this new Android skin. Of course, everyone expected that with the OnePlus 10 Pro release, but that didn’t happen, at least not yet. Instead, the OnePlus 10 Pro is only available in China, running ColorOS. We’ve yet to hear an announcement regarding its arrival in the U.S. If the phone does come here around the rumored March release date, many expected the all-new software. However, now we’re not so sure.

OxygenOS 13 invite

The original plan was to combine the “fast and burdenless experience of OxygenOS with the stability and rich features of ColorOS.” For those unaware, OxygenOS is the software OnePlus uses on its smartphones in the United States and many other regions around the globe. However, ColorOS is what Oppo calls its software for Chinese phones.

Blending the two interfaces into one version would allow for a better experience on any phone the two brands release, not to mention promised faster software updates.

The announcement on the forums regarding OxygenOS 13 makes us wonder what’s coming next, but there are a few potential answers. For one, OnePlus could continue using the name “OxygenOS” in the United States even with the new software, then use another name elsewhere. Or, the company could be delaying the plan to combine OxygenOS and ColorOS until after Android 13 arrives. It’s all a bit confusing.

Recent reports from 9to5Google suggest that things are still on track, and OnePlus and Oppo’s combination software could arrive alongside Android 13 in August later this year. If that’s the case, why would OnePlus be working on OxygenOS 13 when the two companies are expected to release an all-new update for their devices?

Either way, if rumors are true of a OnePlus 10 Pro release in the U.S. sometime in March, we’ll be hearing from the company soon. When that happens, hopefully, it’ll shed light on the situation.

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