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Check Out Tesla’s Latest Cybertruck Prototype in This Drone Footage

Cybertruck Prototype

Recent drone footage on YouTube shows a Cybertruck prototype at the Freemont factory with several changes from earlier models, all while employees work on the vehicle. In January, Tesla confirmed the Cybertruck would be delayed until at least 2023, but it looks like the company is still hard at work on the electric truck.

This isn’t the first drone footage we’ve seen from a Tesla factory, and it certainly won’t be the last, but it’s worth mentioning how dangerously close the pilot gets to the truck. So close that the employees stop working and start to get concerned, looking directly at the drone.

We’re assuming these types of actions will likely cause Tesla to take measures in the future that prevents such footage. And while we don’t condone the behavior, it is interesting to see different angles of the truck, its size, and potential changes.

Tesla appears to be making changes or installing new equipment on the prototype vehicle. The most obvious part is the black pads covering specific aspects of the bed and other truck elements. We’re also no longer seeing the giant single windshield wiper blade that leaked earlier this year.

Judging by all the tape on the ground, the crew could be installing sensors, testing software, or making other tweaks to the prototype. All the boxes suggest that physical parts or new hardware is being installed, but obviously, it’s impossible to know what’s happening.

That said, back in December, Elon Musk confirmed the Cybertruck would be getting several upgrades to better take on competition from Ford, Chevy, and Rivian. Some of those include crab walk mode, 4-wheel steering, and other refinements. Maybe Tesla is already busy upgrading the vehicle, but we can’t be sure.

Considering the Cybertruck is still at least a year away from production, if not longer, we’re assuming there will be plenty of changes before it’s inevitably released.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this footage is that it shows the sheer size of Tesla’s cyberpunk truck. Or, the fact that the stainless steel design shimmers in the sunlight and looks rather tantalizing. Of course, we’re still hopeful that production will start in 2023, and it’ll be released the same year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

via Electrek

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