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Ford’s EVs May Borrow One of Tesla’s Best Features

F-150 Lightning mobile app

It’s no secret that our cars are getting smarter with each new release, and if the most recent FordPass app update is any indication, upcoming vehicles like the F-150 Lightning will have some neat driverless features.

The latest hint comes courtesy of the FordPass mobile app, which suggests a Tesla summon-like feature for the blue oval company. Spotted by Electrek, the Ford F-150 could have a new “freedrive” mode enabling all sorts of remote-control features.

The images inside the FordPass app update have names like “freeDriveBehind” and “freeDriveForward,” which show owners being able to remote-park a truck. From what we’re seeing, F-150 owners could summon their vehicle, guide the EV truck through a parking lot, and even park it without even being in the car.

FordPass freedrive mode

Tesla’s summon mode is wildly popular, and it only makes sense for other manufacturers to adapt and offer similar controls. Looking through the FordPass images, the idea here could be enabling owners to park the large EV truck in tight spots without being in the vehicle.

Imagine being able to get out of the truck, open the FordPass app, and tell your truck to back up into a parking spot. When an owner returns, tap a button and have it pull back out, and you’re ready to go. This would be perfect for tight spaces, but that’s just one example of many potential scenarios.

We’re not sure if Ford only plans to offer some sort of remote parking feature, full summon capabilities, or more. Who knows, you could end up being able to remotely navigate a truck from the parking spot to the front doors of Target and pick you up.

It’s worth noting that the FordPass app already allows Ford owners to interact with their vehicles in several ways. Those include remote start, lock/unlock doors, checking fluid levels, and much more as long as you have FordPass capabilities. As our vehicles get more intelligent, adding useful features from the competition makes sense.

via Electrek

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