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Google Assistant Finally Has a Fix for Ultra-Slow Performance

Google Assistant running on a smartphone.

Hardcore Google Assistant users may set up the virtual assistant on dozens (or even hundreds) of devices. But all the phones, speakers, and smart displays that you’ve connected to Google Assistant are only slowing down your voice commands. Thankfully, Google now offers an easy fix for your laggy Assistant.

As reported by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, Google now lets you remove Assistant from old and idle devices. This minimizes the number of products that Google Assistant needs to check on before carrying out voice commands, thereby speeding up Assistant performance.

Get a faster Assistant by removing devices that haven’t been used in 3 months or more. This means your other Assistant devices won’t be able to communicate with the devices you removed.

This feature isn’t available to all users yet, though it may appear in your Google app (if you’re lucky). To check if it’s available on your device, open the Google app, tap your profile photo, and select “Settings.” Then choose the “Google Assistant” option and navigate to the “Devices” menu.

If you see a “Removed Unused Devices” option, tap it. Google will let you remove Assistant from devices that haven’t used the feature in at least three months. If you want to add a device back, just use Assistant on that device.

Google Assistant should be a lot more responsive once you clear it from old or unused devices. Now we just need Google to improve the Assistant’s crappy routines!

Source: Google via Mishaal Rahman

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