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Eve’s Newest Leak Detector Doubles as a Thread Router Node

Eve Water Guard (2nd gen) detecting a leak at a washing machine.

Eve is one of the few smart home brands to take advantage of Thread, a standard that increases smart home speed and wireless range. And now, Eve’s affordable second-gen Water Guard leak detector offers the same Thread support as the company’s smart blinds and smart plugs.

The Water Guard is a pretty simple device—you just plug it into an outlet and run its 6.5-foot sensor cable anywhere leaks may occur, such as under a sink or washing machine. When a leak is detected, Water Guard will alert you on your smartphone or smart speaker. (There’s also an add-on accessory to increase Water Guard’s range to 490 feet, so you could run it through the walls or the corners of a basement.)

The Eve Water Guard and a smartphone

Water Guard can also control other smart home devices. If your washing machine is plugged into a smart outlet, for example, Water Guard can deactivate that outlet when it detects a leak.

Thread support simply improves Water Guard’s capabilities. The Thread standard builds a mesh network off of all compatible devices, including a HomePod, so these devices don’t need to talk through your router or a cloud server. The result is improved performance and faster smart home commands. Plus, because the Water Guard acts as a Thread router, it increases your smart home range (for compatible Thread devices).

You can order the second-gen Water Guard for $100 on the Eve website. The product will be available at other retailers, including Amazon, in the coming months. Bear in mind that the Eve Water Guard only supports Apple HomeKit.

Eve Water Guard (2nd Gen)

Eve’s latest Water Guard leak detector features a 6.5-inch cable that can sense and alert you of leaks. It can also control smart home devices when it detects leaks, which may come in handy if you have a washing machine on a smart plug.

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