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Kia EV6 Owners Get Three Years of Free Charging, but There’s a Catch

Kia EV6 on the road with a sunset behind it.
Kia Motors

As more electric vehicles hit the street, a big concern for potential buyers is charging. Thankfully, a common trend is car brands offering “free” EV charging. This week, Kia and Electrify America have announced a promo that gives EV6 buyers free charging for up to three years, but there’s a big catch.

We’ve seen similar charging deals from the likes of Tesla, Nissan, and even Hyundai is offering free charging, but Kia’s option isn’t as good as it sounds. That said, it’s still something that buyers will want to consider before choosing their next EV.

Kia and Electrify America will give EV6 buyers 1,000kWh of free charging at any participating EA charging station in the United States for the next three years. However, once you reach that 1,000kWh limit, you’ll have to start paying.

And while that sounds like a great deal, and anything for free is welcomed, that’s only around 3,500 or 4,000 miles of driving when you do the math. Considering the long-range Kia EV6 gets around 310-miles per charge, which is roughly 75-90kWh of juice, this is a limited deal. So technically, Kia and Electrify America only offer around 11-13 total battery charges for free.

As a comparison, Electrify America has a similar deal with Hyundai, only it promises unlimited 30-minute charges for two years, which could end up being far more than what you’d get with Kia.

Still, being able to minimize some of the stress of switching from gas to electric is undoubtedly a good idea, and those that love everything the Kia EV6 has to offer will be happy to know they’re getting a bonus deal. Electrify America’s charging network isn’t as big as Tesla’s, but it’s rapidly expanding and could be in a city you’re headed to on a road trip. So, keep that in mind the next time you travel.

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