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Steam Deck Launches Without a Dock, Here Are Some Cheap Alternatives

The Steam Deck in its official docking station.

After a long wait, the Steam Deck finally launches on February 25th. But Valve now says that the Steam Deck’s must-have accessory, its official docking station, won’t be available until “late Spring.” No need to worry; there are plenty of affordable alternatives.

As explained in Valve’s FAQ, the official Steam Deck dock lets you connect your console to TVs and external monitors. It also provides power to the Steam Deck, lets you use a wired Ethernet connection, and has three USB-A ports for controllers and other accessories.

In other words, the Steam Deck dock is a USB-C hub. Valve confirms as much on its website, and even says that you can use a powered USB-C hub in place of the docking station. There are no drawbacks to using a generic USB-C hub with your Steam Deck, as the official dock doesn’t improve the console’s performance.

A banner explaining that the Steam Deck Dock provides power, video outputs, and USB inputs for your Steam Deck.

Popular USB-C hubs are a dime a dozen, and you may already own one for your laptop or tablet. Here are some killer options at a range of prices. (Bear in mind that you’ll need a high-wattage adapter and USB-C cable to power your Steam Deck with these hubs.)

To be clear, USB-C hubs without high-speed passthrough charging won’t replace the official Steam Deck dock. All of the hubs listed in this article feature 65 or 100-watt charging.

Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1) with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, USB-C and 2 USB-A 5 Gbps Data Ports, microSD and SD Card Reader, for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, XPS, and More

Anker's affordable USB-C hub features 100-watt passthrough charging, two USB-A ports, a USB-C accessory port, HDMI output, and a pair of SD Card slots.

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