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(Update: Now Available) Valve Made a ‘Portal’ Minigame to Explain the Steam Deck’s Controls

an image of 'Aperture Desk Job,' the 'Portal' game for Steam Deck

It’s been over ten years since Valve released Portal 2, and fans of the series are getting restless. But on March 1st, Valve may temporarily satiate your desires with Aperture Desk Job, a short and sweet Portal game that teaches you how to use a controller.

Update, 3/1/22: Aperture Desk Job is now available for Steam Deck, and surprisingly, it works on Windows desktops. That said, you need a controller to play the game on a PC.

What, I need to be more specific? Fine—Aperture Desk Job is a free gamelet that explains the Steam Deck’s many control schemes, sort of like Astro’s Playroom on the PS5.

It isn’t clear whether the game works on PC or if it’s a Steam Deck exclusive. The Steam Store says that it works on Windows operating systems, but to be fair, Valve may have simply included this information for those who choose to install Windows on their Steam Deck.

In its launch trailer, Aperture Desk Job appears to be quite simple; it really is just a dressed-up tutorial for the Steam Deck’s myriad controls. If you’re confused by the Steam Deck’s touchpads and gyro controls, Aperture Desk Job looks like a must-play game.

There’s one weird thing worth mentioning—Valve promised it wouldn’t launch a game for the Steam Deck. The company’s Steam Deck FAQ even says that a Steam Deck exclusive “doesn’t make much sense,” as the Steam Deck “is a PC and it should just play games like a PC.”

So, maybe Aperture Desk Job isn’t exclusive to the Steam Deck? I suppose we’ll find out when the game launches March 1st.

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