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Ford’s Affordable EV Charger Will Let an F-150 Power Your Home

Ford's Charge Station Pro EV Charger powering a home

Ford recently released its Charge Station Pro for homeowners. This powerful 80-amp bidirectional charging station unlocks the full potential of the F-150 Lightning EV truck, and it’s more affordable than most expected.

One of the most exciting features of the new F-150 Lightning is the support for bidirectional charging, also known as Ford Intelligent Backup Power. This allows the truck to send its power back to a home charging station during a power outage or other emergencies. Or, owners can use it to recharge other EVs or power tools on a job site.

While Ford’s new ‘Charge Station Pro’ certainly isn’t the first bidirectional charger, the Detroit automaker confirmed the price tag this week, and it’s far more affordable than most of the competition. Not only will this station charge your EV at home, but it also doubles as Tesla Powerwall or a home generator, all for just over $1,300.

Obviously, $1,300 is more expensive than most traditional EV home chargers, often costing anywhere from a few hundred to $550 like Tesla’s popular option. That said, most chargers don’t deliver 80 amps, and bidirectional chargers typically cost over $2,000, making Ford’s option highly affordable for those that want it. As a comparison, the Wallbox with bidirectional charging is expected to cost roughly $4,000.

Ford’s Pro charger delivers 80 amps of max current, giving owners 30-miles of range per hour of charging on extended F-150 vehicles. However, the key feature here is support for Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power bidirectional charging.

It’s worth noting that Ford will likely offer an even cheaper regular home charger without bidirectional power once the vehicle gets released to the public. Keep in mind that the $1,300 price tag does not include installation, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget when the time comes.

via Electrek

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