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‘Heardle’ Is ‘Wordle’ With Music Instead of Words

The Heardle game running in a web browser.
Heardle, Vespa/Shutterstock.com

We’ve covered all the best Worlde alternatives, including Quordle, a game where you’re forced to guess four words at once. But a new game called Heardle turns the word-guessing formula on its head—instead of guessing a new word each day, you guess a popular song.

Developed by Omaske, Heardle plays you a short snippet of audio and asks you to guess which song it’s from. Every incorrect guess or skip unlocks a bit more of the song, but if you can’t get it by six guesses, you lose.

The Heardle rules: guess today's song by hearing snippets of the intro. Incorrect or skipped guesses unlock more of the song. Guess correctly and share your score.

Heardle updates every day, and like Wordle, it lets you share your score on social media. You can even build a streak if you play the game every day.

I should note that Heardle pulls its songs from Soundcloud. So, only tracks that are available for free on Soundcloud will show up in this game—you won’t find any Prince songs in Heardle, for example. (And while I don’t think Heardle is violating any copyright law, it doesn’t have “permission” to use these tracks.)

You can play Heardle on any phone, tablet, or computer. Like Wordle, it will only save your streak if you play from the same device every day.

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