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What Is Clipchamp, and Why Is It on My PC?

an image of the Clipchamp timeline.

We’re long past the heyday of Windows Movie Maker. But it’s time to dry your tears, because Microsoft’s now-dead video editor now has a decent successor—the powerful, social media-integrated Clipchamp.

Clipchamp originally launched as a browser-based video editor in 2013. It was acquired by Microsoft in September of 2021, and a few months later, it was introduced as a default app with Windows 11  Insider Preview Build 22572. The Clipchamp app will reach stable Windows 11 builds in mid to late 2022.

Note that Clipchamp is a web-based application. It’s also not entirely free—you need to drop $10 a month to access HD video export options.

Easy Editing: Timelines, Templates, and Exporting Tools

A gamer editing footage in Clipchamp

Remember the timeline interface in Windows Movie Maker? The same interface appears in professional video editors like Adobe Premiere, as it allows for detailed editing and lets you quickly layer videos, images, or audio files.

Clipchamp brings back the timeline editor, thank goodness. This interface makes Clipchamp super user-friendly, yet it still gives you the flexibility to make some complicated editing choices.

And for those who prefer a low-effort experience, Clipchamp features a ton of free video templates. They’re basically pre-made videos that capture a certain style or vibe—some templates are very corporate, while others look perfect for graduation ceremonies or advertisements. You can replace or edit elements in these templates to your liking, kind of like the template slideshows in PowerPoint.

But don’t go thinking that Clipchamp is all about pre-made videos. You can import any videos, photos, or audio files into the Clipchamp timeline. Heck, you can even use Clipchamp to capture your Windows 11 screen and webcam at the same time; a feature that may come in handy for PC gamers.

Of course, you probably want to upload videos to social media. Clipchamp integrates perfectly with all the top social media platforms. It offers a ton of properly-sized video templates for TikTok or Instagram, and it can export video directly to your favorite (or least favorite) social media apps.

Pro Features: Green Screen, Transitions, and More

Like any “professional” video editor, Clipchamp packs in a ton of pro-level features. There’s chroma-key (green screen) support, a text-to-speech generator, audio effects, animated text, a slow-mo tool, and so much more.

Notably, Clipchamp offers a wide selection of video transitions and effects. You can do the classic George Lucas “wipe” transition, or slowly fade two videos together for a more professional look.

You can even make your own animated transitions or bumpers in Clipchamp. These custom effects may be useful for advertisements or YouTube videos, and they can get pretty slick when you use Clipchamp’s built-in “branding” kit—a collection of fonts, shapes, high-quality images, and other assets.

Icing on the Cake: Free Stock Footage, Audio, and Images

Stock footage in Clipchamp.

You know those beautiful scenic shots that show up in some YouTube videos and advertisements? Yeah, that stuff is usually stock footage. The world of entertainment runs on pre-made stock footage, which usually costs a ton of money. But with Clipchamp, you get a wide selection of stock footage for free.

The royalty-free videos included with Clipchamp span a variety of genres, moods, and scenes. Do you need a video of a girl wearing gamer headphones? An elderly couple at the beach? A juiced-up beefcake lifting weights at the gym? It’s all there.

Clipchamp also includes royalty-free stock images, music, and sound effects to help take your videos to the next level. And of course, there’s the aforementioned “branding kit” to give your videos a cohesive, professional look.

Again, Clipchamp is new a pre-installed Windows 11 app. But it’s only available to beta testers and developers until later this year, when it reaches stable Windows 11 builds.

If you want to try Clipchamp early, simply visit the Clipchamp website in Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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