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Google Pixel 7: Everything We Know so Far

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in white.

Ignoring all its weird bugs, Google’s Pixel 6 is an overwhelming success. The affordable flagship is widely celebrated by both customers and critics, who often feel that it’s the greatest Android phone to date. But later this year, Google will supplant the Pixel 6 with its next great success, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Update, 5/11/22: Updated to include info from the Pixel 7 teaser.

Early leaks and rumors suggest that the Pixel 7 is an iterative upgrade, with small-yet-significant improvements to the camera, processor, and more. Here’s everything we know about the phone today.

Broad Details: Release Date and Pricing

The Google Pixel release schedule has changed a bit over the last few years. Still, Google seems to be sticking with last year’s schedule. During the I/O 2022 conference, it confirmed that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will arrive “this fall” alongside the Pixel Watch.

Notably, pre-orders for the Pixel 6a open on July 27th, so we expect the Pixel 7 to go on sale in August or September. Of course, Google’s definition of “this fall” could be a bit loose, so don’t be surprised by an even later launch.

And hey, we still don’t know how much this phone costs. But we expect the company to stick with the Pixel 6 incredibly successful pricing strategy. If that’s the case, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will start at $600 and $900, respectively.

Design: Google Doubles Down on the ‘Robocop’ Vibe


As seen during Google’s I/O 2022 conference, the Pixel 7 reuses the Robocop design of the Pixel 6.  This design is defined by a large camera “visor,” a large display, a two-tone color scheme, and an under-screen fingerprint sensor. Notably, Google says that this phone uses 100% recycled aluminum in its camera visor.

Early images show that the Pixel 7 uses two cameras, while the Pixel 7 Pro packs three lenses. The phone may also use a curved display, though we can’t confirm this from teaser images.

We also don’t know the Pixel 7’s dimensions. Leaks suggest that the standard Pixel 7 could get a 6.3-inch display, downgraded from the to 6.4-inch screen in the Pixel 6. It seems like a weird change, but it could be a sign that Google is using a curved display in the upcoming Pixel phone.

Other design changes could include an under-display selfie camera, though of course, it’s still too early to say exactly what the Pixel 7 looks like. Bear in mind that Google still has half a year to develop this phone; even if today’s leaks are accurate, they can’t account for any last-minute design changes made by Google.

Spec Talk: A New Generation of Tensor

Google Tensor SoC

New leaks suggest that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will debut alongside a new second-generation Tensor chipset. We expect the new Tensor to improve on AI processing, which seems to be Google’s focus right now. In a practical sense, the new chip should boost features like Live Translate and lead to a higher camera quality.

The benchmarks for this chipset still haven’t leaked—that said, the original Tensor was comparable to a Snapdragon 888 processor, so the second-gen Tensor is probably similar to this year’s flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Additionally, it seems that the Pixel 7 will use a Samsung Exynos Modem 5300 for networking, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Details on this new modem are non-existent, though it probably delivers the same mmWave 5G, Wi-Fi 6e, and Bluetooth 5.2 capabilities we saw in the Pixel 6 (with slightly more power-efficiency, of course).

And this should come as no surprise, but the Pixel 7 will probably launch with Android 13. That’s assuming that the Android update launches on time this year, of course.

Other Pixel 7 specs, like RAM or base storage, are still unknown.

The Cameras: Bigger Than Big

The Google Pixel 7 in white. Its camera bar features two large back lenses, one of which is oval shaped.

As I mentioned earlier, Google is reusing the “visor” camera design in the Pixel 7. But this new flagship might go a little camera crazy. Early images show that the Pixel 7 has two large cameras, while the Pixel 7 Pro has three massive lenses.

Detailed camera specs are still a mystery. Google tends to reuse its cameras, so there’s a decent chance the Pixel 7 will have the same 50MP main camera as the Pixel 6. Judging from the images, I’m willing to assume that the Pixel 7 Pro also uses large telephoto and ultra-wide sensors.

Additionally, a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital suggests that the Pixel 7 will use an under-display selfie camera. We hope that this information is incorrect. Every under-display camera we’ve tried, including the one in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3, has stank.

Again, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro launch this fall alongside the Pixel Watch. The devices will probably start at $600 and $900, respectively.

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