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The New LEGO DeLorean Is So Good You’ll Want to Buy It Three Times

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean set

Great Scott! The DMC DeLorean is making a comeback in a big way. LEGO just announced a new Back to the Future car set, and this DeLorean build is so cool you’ll want to buy it three times.

LEGO is calling its new movie-inspired build the “Back to the Future Time Machine,” as this is a lot more than just the famous DMC DeLorean set released in 2014. Instead, this latest build comes with 1,872 pieces (compared to the 401 pieces on the original) and offers stunning details that every fan will appreciate. However, the best part is the car is customizable, and you can build it to look like the DeLorean from any of the three films.

The new Time Machine DeLorean set can be built using three different sets of instructions. Those being the “original” version from the iconic original movie, the second film with a hovering car and Mr. Fusion reactor, or you can go crazy and build it to look like the 1885 version.

Considering you can only build one model at a time, you’ll have to take it apart to make the next movie’s variant. Obviously, three different DeLoreans are better than one, so you’ll want to buy this $169 set three times and have one of each to display in your collection.

What makes this new LEGO set special is the attention to detail. While building the car, there’s a lightning rod sticking up from the rear and a plutonium chamber for the original, the wheels change to hover mode for Back to the Future II, and you’ll enjoy all sorts of old-school parts for the third iteration. Again, you can build the car specific to whatever film you want.

This time around, the gull-wing doors are fully functional, and LEGO put a light-up flux capacitor in the car, too, delivering 1.21 gigawatts of power. The set also includes redesigned ‘Doc’ Brown and Marty McFly Minifigures, Marty’s hoverboard, and LEGO even released a short film to celebrate the launch.

The all-new and improved LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine set is $169, and you can get your own starting April 1st, 2022, from the link below.

LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine

Recreate all three versions of the iconic Back to the Future DeLorean with this LEGO set for $169.

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