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Hankook Launches New EV Tire Promising More Range, and Silence

Hankook new EV tire line

Hankook Tires is a highly recognized name in the world of Formula One, and now the company recently announced a new tire line built specifically for premium electric vehicles (EVs).

The Hankook iON tire line for EVs will arrive later this year and promises to be a high-end option that may offer an increased driving range and a decrease in road and tire noise. The iON EV line includes an all-season tire for North America and two purpose-built summer and winter EV tires for the European market.

With more electric vehicles being announced all the time, expect to see an increase in tires built specifically for these new types of cars. As you’re probably aware, an electric vehicle doesn’t have the same engine noises as a regular car, which means drivers may hear the tires more than ever before. As a result, we’re seeing brands like Goodyear and now Hankook debut new tires and materials that cater to this segment.

Hankook tire built for EVs

Additionally, many electric vehicles come with added weight thanks to large battery packs, which means tires need slight adjustments for ideal performance. According to Hankook’s announcement, that’s what EV owners will get from the iON line. All three new iON tires were designed to handle the extra load, plus employ a new ultra-durable aramid fiber material. This combination promises to prevent wear and tear and retain their shape under the increased loads and high torque from an EV.

Essentially, they’ll be perfect for fast, heavy electric vehicles headed to the streets. In addition, Hankook mentions that the rigid design ensures durability and will make the tires quieter than ever before. All while potentially increasing the driving range between charges. Obviously, we can’t expect a huge difference to the range, but every little bit helps.

The Hankook Ventus iON S is a summer tire and will be available starting in May for the European market, with the winter “i*cept iON” tire arriving by September, just in time for the cooler months.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t share an exact release date on the all-season tire for North America, but we can expect it and several more options to arrive in the coming months.

Source: Hankook Tire

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