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Tesla Delivery Estimates Pushed to 2023 for Several Models

Tesla calendar suggesting delays
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Tesla has continuously struggled to estimate car delivery times, and it looks like things are getting even worse amid supply constraints. While delivery delays and increasing prices are nothing new, this week, delivery dates changed in the U.S. for new orders affecting all models.

Furthermore, thanks to an eagle-eyed Twitter user, we now know that delivery dates for several models of the Tesla Model Y, Model S, and Model X got pushed into 2023, meaning new buyers have a long wait ahead of them.

Last week, we reported that the fastest way to get your Tesla delivered is by adding on the optional $12,000 full self-driving software upgrade. A move that’s obviously not ideal (or frugal) for most. By adding FSD, you could get your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y up to 3x faster.

Tesla Model Y delivery dates delayed until 2023

Today, the same Model Y Long Range that had an estimated delivery date of September 2022 just a week ago, now shows an estimate of Jan 2023 – April 2023. Not only is that 3-7 months later and a bigger delivery estimate window, but spending an extra $2,000 on the 20-inch Induction wheels moves it up to Oct 2022 – Jan 2023. So basically, Tesla continues to prioritize more expensive orders.

Looking through the Tesla order pages, those who buy the non-Plaid Model X/S won’t get it until sometime in early 2023, although it does look like the Model S will arrive earlier than Model X variants. From what we’re seeing, every model Tesla sells changed this week.

On the bright side, Tesla’s most affordable Model 3 in any configuration is still on track to get delivered to customers in 2022. Some of those dates changed too, but orders should still arrive this summer. Keep in mind that these are all estimates and subject to change.

A quick look on Reddit shows users getting impatient with many claiming delivery dates have changed between 4-6 times since ordering. Unfortunately, supply constraints remain a problem. Estimated delivery dates are later than before, but the delivery window is longer, too. And while that’s a bummer, it should help reduce the number of times Tesla has to “change” the delivery date for new buyers.

For now, the fastest way to get a Tesla is to order the most expensive model, add upgrades, or tack on Tesla’s full self-driving software.

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