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We Need This LEGO-Sorting Vacuum to Pick Up After Ourselves

LEGO Vacuum invention from YouTube
Unnecessary Inventions

If you’ve ever spent hours digging through all your various LEGO bricks of all different shapes and sizes, or worse, stepped on one, this LEGO-sorting vacuum invention is for you.

The YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions makes all sorts of unrealistic consumer products using a slew of 3D printers, molds, wood, and any other material he can turn into something amazing. Product designer Matty Benedetto’s latest invention is the LEGO “Suck It” vacuum. And yes, it’ll save you hours by automatically picking up after you and sorting all your LEGO bricks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a LEGO sorting invention, but it’s pretty ingenious. Not only does his modified shop-vac suck up all your LEGO bricks, but it’ll sort them by size, then give you easy access to a separate compartment to grab the exact LEGO size you need. Take a look at the video below.

“This vibrant cleaning accessory features a multi-stage chamber that magnetically separates for quick organization of your favorite toy bricks,” Benedetto explains in the video. “The high suction vacuum will ensure that every brick gets sucked up from your floors and swiftly deposited into the clear tube as each LEGO piece cascades down and gets sorted into their different sizes. So when things get messy, just suck it.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because he came up with the idea after watching an episode of the hit TV show The Office, when David Wallace and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) are talking about a vacuum.

The LEGO vacuum takes advantage of a large cylinder and several 3D-printed dividers, each with progressively smaller holes to quickly sift through the biggest of LEGO collections. It’s pretty neat, but considering some guy on YouTube made it for fun, don’t plan on being able to buy one anytime soon.

I don’t know about you guys, but anything that prevents me from painfully stepping on a LEGO while also making clean-up easier is a win in my book.

via Nerdist

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