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Deal Alert: Get This ‘Pan Am’ Airline Strategy Board Game for 50% Off

Pan Am strategy board game and pieces

Board games are a great way to have fun with friends and family, not to mention excellent little nostalgic adventures. If you’re a fan of light strategy games like Ticket to Ride, you’ll love Pan Am, where you can strategically run your own airline.

This week Pan Am – The Game is 50% off on Amazon, making it an excellent option for those that love a good, replayable, affordable board game. It’s similar to Monopoly and takes roughly 60 minutes to complete. However, instead of collecting properties, buying houses or hotels, and passing go, you’ll be buying airplanes, claiming flight routes, and selling those lucrative routes to Pan Am.

The game revolves around aviation’s exciting and early days, from Pan Am’s rise as a dominant airline through the late 1960s. As a result, the entire game has a retro vibe that makes it rather enjoyable. It might even make you feel like Leonardo Dicaprio from the movie Catch Me If You Can, where he impersonates a Pan Am airline pilot.

Each player will own small airline companies that compete against the other players and Pan Am.  As you buy more planes capable of longer routes, you can claim those routes, earn income, then sell popular routes to Pan Am. The primary goal is to sell the most or best routes and turn that income into Pan Am stock. The player who owns the most stock as the game runs out is the winner.

The game comes complete with over 50 miniature airplanes in four popular styles during the early days of aviation, not to mention old-school artwork. It is fast-paced enough that experienced strategy gamers and beginners alike will enjoy all it offers.

If you love casual strategy games or enjoyed Ticket to Ride, you’ll probably love this game. So, get it on Amazon for 50% off for a limited time with the link below.

Get those Airplanes
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