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23 Gifts For An Avid Indoor Gardener

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Of all the hobbies on earth, indoor gardening can be the most satisfying. That’s why your plant-obsessed friends stick to it. But buying a gift for an indoor gardener can be a little confusing.

There are a lot of different tools and accessories in the world of indoor gardening. You’ve got all kinds of different pots, chemicals, lights, and decorations. But if you stick to a few ideas when you’re shopping for an indoor gardener, then you’re sure to end up giving a great gift.

When buying for an indoor gardener, you want to strike a good balance between decoration and utilitarianism, and you don’t want to buy anything that will go unused. If you’re buying something bulky, you want to make sure that it can pass as a decoration—no ugly pots or watering cans. If your indoor gardener has a deep distrust of fertilizer, then you should just avoid fertilizer. Go with their indoor gardening flow.

Pest Control and Plant Food ($4+)

When you have a lot of indoor plants, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Spider mites and fungus are silent killers, and a lack of nutrients can slowly march a plant toward death.

The gift of fertilizer and pest control can be a great gift for any indoor gardener. But like all plant-related gifts, you need to make sure that they’ll be put to good use.

If your indoor gardener isn’t a fan of chemicals or powerful plant potions, then you’ll want to keep things natural. Luckily, there are lot of inexpensive natural insecticides and fertilizers, many of which your indoor gardener may not be aware of. Surprise! A great gift.

Here are our favorite plant foods and pest management products:

Eucalyptus Oil ($7): Essential oils have become a hot product in the last few years. But they can also be used as natural pest repellents. Spider mites hate the smell of eucalyptus oil, a natural insecticide. Tell your plant lover to mix one ml of eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle with one liter of water. They just need to mist their plants with it every once and awhile.

Neem Oil 2-Pack ($11): Neem is also a natural insect repellent, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s inexpensive, and can be used to scare off any insects. Just tell your plant enthusiast to mix one teaspoon of neem in a spray bottle with one liter of water, and couple drops of dish soap. The dish soap helps it stick to the leaves, so you don’t need to reapply this solution very often.

BioAdvanced Insect, Disease, and Mite Control ($14): If you’re buying for an indoor gardener that’s plagued by fungus, then you should consider getting them a fungicide. This BioAdvanced solution help ward off plant-killing fungus, and any pests that might try to ruin your indoor gardener’s plants.

Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes ($12): Fertilizer spikes are inexpensive, easy, and they can last for a very long time. Plants need nitrogen to grow leaves, and fertilizer spikes are a do-it and forget-it that slowly fertilize plants over a long period of time.

Miracle-Grow Water Soluble Plant Food ($4): If your indoor gardener has a lot of soil-less plants (lucky bamboo, hydroponic veggies, soil-less vines) then they’re going to need a water-soluble fertilizer. Soluble fertilizer can also be added to a watering can or spray bottle, which makes it a great gift for any indoor gardener.

Grow Lights ($17+)

Some people don’t get a lot of light in their windows, or they run out of space for plants near the window. Grow lights can make a great gift because they free indoor gardeners from the hell of window-gardening.

If you’re buying a gift for an indoor gardener that’s complained about their lack of window space, or plants that keep dying near the window, then you should consider getting them a grow light. LED grow lights are extremely manageable, and they don’t get hot or use up very much electricity.

Keep in mind that grow lights are also great for any indoor gardener that want to bring outdoor plants inside, and that includes produce! Depending on the person that you’re buying for, you may want to grab some seed starter pots or an herb garden kit, so they can get started in their window-less adventure right away.

Here are some of our favorite grow light products:

Domserv Dimmable Gooseneck LED ($30): The ability to dim a grow light is super nice, especially if it’s in a room that a lot of people use. Domserve’s dimmable grow lights have a flexible neck and can be clipped to the side of any planter or shelf, so they’re a pretty flexible, low-maintenance option.

MIYA 50 Watt LED Grow Bulb ($17): Grow bulbs can be used in any lamp, and they’re great for showering a bunch of plants with artificial sunlight. This is a great option for indoor gardeners that have expressed an interest in grow lights, or that have complained about their old fluorescent grow lights.

IPower Fluorescent Grow Light & Stand Rack ($58): If you’re buying a grow light for someone that has expressed a ton of interest in growing their own produce, then you might want to consider getting them a whole indoor-growing setup. The IPower grow light and stand rack are relatively cheap, and can be a great gift for an indoor gardening enthusiast. But this is a pretty big gift, make sure that your plant-enthusiast really wants it.

Misting Spray Bottles ($10+)

Indoor gardeners never have enough spray bottles. It’s important to mist your plants, and a variety of spray bottles can make it easier for indoor gardeners to spray their plants with whatever fertilizer or pest solution that they need.

You shouldn’t buy an indoor gardener the cheapest spray bottle that you can get your hands on. They break easily and chances are that your plant-enthusiast already has a few cheap bottles lying around.

Consider the number of plants that your indoor gardener has, and try to remember if they spray their plants with any special solution. An indoor gardener that only needs one spray bottle may be excited to receive a decorative bottle that can be left out, while a gardener with a variety of plants might need an amber bottle that can keep solutions fresh.

These are some of our favorite misting spray bottles:

Boller Decorative Mister ($10): This mister is beautiful, and it can double as a great decoration when not in use. It can be useful for indoor gardeners that don’t have a lot of plants, or for an air plant junkie that leaves a spray bottle lying around all the time.

Nicely Neat Adjustable Mister ($15): The Nicely Neat mister is a professional-grade utilitarian spray bottle. It’s durable, and should last for a long time. Plus, it has an adjustable nozzle, so it can be used to spray a variety of plants.

Sally’s Organics Amber Misters (Two Pack) ($12): Amber bottles are great for keeping solutions fresh. If your indoor gardener keeps a variety of fertilizer and pest-control solutions, then they may be excited to get a couple of amber bottles. Not to mention, these glass bottles are pretty durable, and they’re easy to label and organize.

Indoor Gardening Tools ($7+)

Plants need a lot of maintenance. And while most things can be done by hand, it helps to have tools that make work cleaner and easier.

Any indoor gardener will get excited for some extra tools. They make everything easier, and it doesn’t hurt to have extra gloves or light meters lying around. Gardening tools are great gifts for an indoor gardener that doesn’t have a lot of complaints, or that seems to already have everything.

Here are some great indoor gardening tools:

Wrapables Indoor Gardening Tool Set ($15): This handy tool set comes with a tool bag, which makes it easier to keep things clean and organized. An indoor gardener can never have enough pairs of clippers or shovels, so this is a pretty safe gift.

Kingmas Mini Microscope ($6): Spider mites and mealy bugs can be hard to see, especially when there are only a few of them. A mini microscope can come in handy at a moments notice, and whenever your indoor gardener needs a microscope to tell the difference between a pest and a spec of dirt, they’ll think of you. (Not because you remind them of pests or dirt, because you gave them a microscope, we hope.)

Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves ($10): Every green thumb needs an extra pair of gardening gloves. They never seem to be around when you need them. You’ll want to make sure that these gloves are the right size, so make sure that you’re well acquainted with your indoor gardener’s hands.

Vivosun Moisture, Light, and PH Meter ($11): It’s important for indoor gardeners to make sure that their plant is getting a safe amount of fertilizer, moisture, and sunlight. The Vivosun moisture, light, and PH meter is a great gift for any indoor gardener. And it can never hurt to have an extra meter lying around.

Decorative Watering Cans ($8+)

Chances are, your avid indoor gardener already has a watering can (or an old plastic jug that does the job). But it can be annoying to pull out and put away a watering can. Why not gift your plant-lover a watering can that can be left out unashamedly?

There are a lot of decorative watering cans out there, so you’ll want to consider your indoor gardener’s style and interior design before buying them something. You may also want to consider buying them some irrigation bulbs, which look super nice and can make watering a breeze.

Achla Copper Watering Can ($31): This elegant copper watering can gives off an antique vibe, and can stand out among the green leaves of house plants. But it’s expensive, so make sure that it’ll complement your indoor gardener’s home.

Cado Elephant Watering Can ($8): This elephant watering can looks cute, but not childish. It’s an inexpensive gift that most indoor gardeners should appreciate, especially if they’re into decorative rocks or lawn gnomes.

IKEA Contemporary Watering Can ($28): If your indoor gardener is obsessed with white, modern furniture, then they will love this IKEA watering can. It’s tall, so it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s made from a durable material that should last for years.

Jiabang Irrigation Bulbs ($16): A set of irrigation bulbs is a unique gift that most indoor gardeners will enjoy. They’re stylish, and they make watering easy. Just make sure that your indoor gardener has plants that are big enough to reap the benefits of an irrigation bulb.

Planters ($18)

Plants need to be in pots. Plain and simple. If your indoor gardener has a lot of plants that are outgrowing the plastic pots that they came in, then they will appreciate a decorative planter. For all you know, they may have been putting off their pot-shopping for months.

As with any indoor gardening gift, you want to make sure that your plant-lover will actually use what you buy for them. Planters can be tricky, because they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Things can become even more complicated when you start looking at hanging planters. Some people aren’t really into hanging pot, and not all plants look good from below.

But if you take the time to consider your indoor gardener’s needs and style, then you shouldn’t have much trouble buying them a planter. Try to keep up with their interior decorating, and think about the size of their plants. If they have a lot of vines growing around the house (pothos plants are favorites of indoor gardeners), then you might want to get them a hanging planter. If they have a lot of fast-growing plants, then you may want to get a roomy pot.

TIMEYARD Woven Plant Basket ($18): This is a great planter for an indoor gardener with a modern home. It’s tastefully designed, and should last for a long time.

Thorne and Co Plant Stand ($31): Plant stands are a great way for indoor gardeners to show off their hobby, and they make it easier to grow plants far from a window. This is a great gift if you’re not sure what kind of planter to get for your indoor gardening enthusiast.

QEESTARS Hanging Planters (2 Pack) ($20): These are some durable, vintage looking hanging planters that can work well in some people’s homes. If your indoor gardener is obsessed with vines, then a hanging planter can help them get the most beauty out of their hobby.

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