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Wyze’s First Air Purifier Is Smarter Than It Looks

The Wyze Air Purifier in a bedroom.

Using an air purifier can add a surprising amount of hassle to your day. But the new Wyze Air Purifier, which features an impressive 350 m3/h CADR (clean air delivery rate), packs enough smart features to save you from headaches. And it’s not too expensive either, especially with the early-bird discount price of just $130 plus shipping.

Let’s focus on the smart stuff first. As you might expect, the Wyze Air Purifier can be controlled or scheduled through an app. It can also turn on or notify you when it detects too much nastiness in your air (using laser particle detection), and if you set it up right, the Air Purifier will automatically order new filters as old ones wear out.

But is it actually good at cleaning air? While we still need to review the Air Purifier, its specs are impressive. There’s that 350 m3/h CADR, which is enough power to clean a 500 square foot room three times every hour, plus a choice between three HEPA filters—a cheaper allergen filter, a wildfire filter, and a “formaldehyde” filter that’s fine-tuned to eliminate VOCs.

And as Wyze notes, the Air Purifier is relatively quiet. Its “low” mode is just 21 decibels, while its loudest “high” mode is 51 decibels.

I should also note that the Wyze Air Purifier isn’t ionizing, which means it doesn’t generate ozone. If your throat gets irritated easily or you have asthma, the Wyze Air Purifier is one of the few options worth considering at this price.

You can order the Wyze Air Purifier today with an early-bird discount. The cheapest option comes with an allergen filter and costs just $130 (or $170 without the discount). That’s a pretty competitive price, and if you sign up for automatic filter replacements, you’ll get a decent discount on every filter.

Wyze Air Purifier

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The Wyze Air Purifier removes dust, pollen, VOCs, pet dander, smoke, and other pollutants from a room. It features smart functionality for remote control and automatic filter ordering. Get one now for the discounted price of $130 plus shipping.

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