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‘Waffle’ is Our Favorite New ‘Wordle’ Alternative

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of Wordle, the popular word game that’s taken the Internet by storm. And while plenty of clever Wordle alternatives have popped up in the game’s wake, this one—Waffle—is by far the tastiest of them all!

Wordle and most of its word game variants have kept to the linear design; guess the five-letter word in six tries. Alternatively, Waffle is shaking things up in the best of ways. With it, you’ll have six words to guess, but three are horizontal, and three are vertical. It’s kind of like a combination of a crossword puzzle and a Rubik’s cube, and it is a seriously fun twist on the original game.

Certain things have stayed the same between the two games. A green square means you got the letter and location right, and a yellow square means that letter goes in that word but in a different location. However, the game’s criss-cross design means that any yellow squares on a corner could belong to either the vertical or horizontal word it’s connected to.

While Waffle gives you all the letters you’ll need to solve that day’s puzzle, it ups the difficulty by putting some in the wrong place. And don’t think you can just drag and swap out every square all willy-nilly —you only have 15 swaps (moves) to make the magic happen, or else you lose. You won’t know if a move is correct until after you’ve made it, either. The game’s developer stated that every game can be solved in just 10 moves, though.


What’s more, you’ll earn stars for every additional move you have left beyond those 10. So if you get it in 12 moves, you’ll earn three stars. And like Wordle, Waffle keeps track of your player statistics, so you can review how many games you’ve played, the stars you’ve earned, and your highest winning streak.

Waffle is one of the more creative Wordle alternatives out there, though we also like Heardle, which uses music instead of words, and Quordle, wherein you’ll need to solve four puzzles at the same time in just nine guesses. Fans of the game also got creative with it, turning your answers into weird little houses, and porting it to a Game Boy console, for some reason.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Go play Waffle. Go cook some Sunday-morning waffles and play Waffle. Just keep in mind you’ll need to bring your own syrup and blueberries for this one!

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