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Guess Video Game Music With This ‘Wordle’ Clone

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It’s fair to say that pretty much everyone has heard of Wordle at this point. It’s also fair to say that folks have heard of all the Wordle clones out there. But what about clones of those clones? This new game is based on Heardle, and you’ll need to guess a video game song.

Heardle is one of the more creative Wordle alternatives out there. Instead of guessing a word, it tasks you with guessing a single popular song each day. Likewise, this clone-of-a-clone, dubbed Videogame Heardle, has you doing the exact same thing, except with songs from popular video game soundtracks.

This game was created by g0m and is based on code from Heardle. Fortunately, you won’t need to know who wrote or performed the song. All you need to do is type in the video game the song comes from. Initially, you’re given the first full second of the song, and you can replay it as many times as you want without penalty.

If you guess incorrectly or opt to sacrifice one of your guesses, you’ll get an additional chunk of time added to that day’s music sample. Hopefully, each wrong guess or skipped guess helps, but you’ll need to strategize carefully as you only have six guesses total. 

Should you guess the answer before those six chances run out, the website will start playing the full track from a Soundcloud widget. It’s a simple touch that makes the game more fun, especially for anyone who loves listening to video game music.

So if you have an extensive knowledge of video game music and have been waiting for your shot, this is your chance! You can go play the clever game now on the Videogame Heardle page. This is a fun progression from the original Wordle, and we can’t wait to see what other clones of clones pop up next!

via Kotaku

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