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Lectric Debuts an Affordable New Dual-Battery Folding e-Bike

Lectric new folding e-bike

Lectric eBikes, the Arizona-based manufacturers of fun e-bikes of all different shapes and sizes, recently announced an affordable new bike with a lot to offer. Of course, we’re talking about the new Lectric XPremium, packing a mid-drive motor and dual batteries.

While this new bike looks similar to the popular budget-friendly Lectric XP lineup, it has far more to offer riders, especially at the price point. Yes, the new Lectric XPremium is $1,799, but as Electric notes, the bike spec sheet reads like something that typically costs upwards of $3,000.

With the new Lectric XPremium fat tire e-Bike, users get a powerful mid-drive motor instead of a hub motor, capable of working with multiple gears while propelling the bike upwards of 28 MPH. Thanks to its 500W continuous power (800w peak) rating and five different pedal-assist modes, it easily reaches those speeds.

The XPremium includes a dynamic torque sensor, which works alongside the bike’s 7-gear drivetrain, giving you exactly how much power you need at any given moment. Instead of a single pedal and motor speed like some e-bikes, this comes with seven different gears. The Torque sensor keeps track of everything, and the harder you pedal, the more the motor works for you. 

Then, as expected, the included throttle will help riders enjoy a casual ride or get up steep hills thanks to the user-adjustable Class 1, 2, or 3 options. The new Lectric XPremium also comes with upgraded 160mm hydraulic disk brakes, a longer front suspension fork for improved ride comfort, and, most importantly, two battery packs.

Yes, this folding e-Bike has dual batteries capable of letting riders go upwards of 120+ miles on a single charge. Lectric says that even on the highest level 5 pedal assist mode, you’ll be able to go around 60 miles before needing a recharge.

Overall, there’s a lot to like here considering the price point. For example, many folding e-Bikes have a hub-drive motor (not mid-drive) with a single battery and no adjustable gears and often cost upwards of $1,300 or more.

With the new Lectric XPremium, you get a capable e-bike with tons of range that can easily fold down and fit in the back of a car or your RV storage compartment. The new bike comes in white or black, starts shipping in June, and can be yours for $1,799.

via Electrek

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