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Rivian Will Speed Up R1T Production by Delaying More Complicated Orders

The Rivian R1T electric pickup in bronze and gray.

Rivian kicked off R1T electric pickup production at an incredibly slow rate—it made just two vehicles per day. And while the company is slowly inching toward a more reasonable production volume, its latest revelation may disappoint some customers. Basically, complicated vehicle customizations take more time to manufacture, so they’re getting delayed.

In an email sent to Rivian R1T and R1S customers, Rivian announced that vehicles with Ocean Coast interiors won’t start arriving until “later this fall.” The Ocean Coast interior uses fancy light wood paneling, which is more difficult (and perhaps more expensive) to produce than the Black Mountain and Forest Edge interiors.

For both R1T and R1S, we are prioritizing Black Mountain and Forest Edge interiors for the soonest deliveries, with Ocean Coast deliveries starting later this fall. The light wood in Ocean Coast is more challenging to produce, so in order to move faster, we are focusing initially on producing with Black Mountain and Forest Edge.

Additionally, Rivian says that it will focus on a “batched” production schedule. It’s just easier for the company to pump out a ton of trucks and SUVs that use the same paint and wheel colors. (So, vehicles with simple or default paint jobs may take priority—Rivian hasn’t really clarified this point.)

Honing its production schedule should help Rivian deliver more cars in 2022. The company notes that Adventure Package vehicles should roll out with Launch Edition orders over the coming months. Also, Rivian will reach out to customers in May about their vehicle’s configuration; if you change certain options, you could receive your delivery early.

Along with the new production tactic, Rivian has announced three new modes that should arrive over a software update. The first (and weirdest) is a new “sand mode.” Based on a teaser video, we assume that this mode helps the R1T and R1S navigate through sandy plains and beaches. But Rivian hasn’t really explained how sand mode works.

There’s also the new “pet mode,” which keeps your vehicle’s interior at room temperature for your furry friends (don’t leave children in your car, please). And a new feature called Dashcam, which sounds like Tesla’s Sentry mode, will record your vehicle’s surroundings while it’s parked.

I should note that Ford kicked off F-150 Lightning production today. So, Rivian’s decision to announce that some R1T pickups are delayed is interesting, to say the least. I’m not sure if the company is being competitive or if it’s hiding behind the Ford hype.

Source: Rivian via Electrek

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