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Wyze’s Thermostat Gets a Very Smart Room Sensor Accessory

A white Wyze Room Sensor, displaying a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit

The Wyze Thermostat is incredibly affordable at just $50. But unlike other offerings on the market, it didn’t have any sensors to check on your whole home. But the company just corrected that shortcoming, and Wyze’s new smart $25 Room Sensor puts the competition to shame.

Thermostat room sensors really are pretty common: you’ll find them for other major brands like Nest and ecobee. But in most cases, the sensor amounts to a little puck you’ll want to hide away in a corner. They aren’t necessarily ugly, but they aren’t great to look at either.

And that’s where Wyze’s Room Sensor departs from the bland crowd. Instead of a simple white puck that does little more than check the temperature, Wyze squeezed a display on its Room Sensor. That display will show you the temperature and humidity in the room, along with a  “comfort” emoji.


Battery life shouldn’t be much of an issue too. Thanks to its larger size, Wyze managed to go with a more common option, two AAA batteries. And the company says the sensor will last for three years before you’ll need to replace them. And yes, the Room Sensor comes with batteries. When you’re ready to mount the sensor, you can either go with a magnetic stand or included adhesive to stick it to a wall.

You might think that the Wyze Room Sensor would cost more with those extra features, but as usual with Wyze, it doesn’t. It starts at $25 (plus shipping) for a single pack, a three-pack for $69.99 (plus shipping), or a three-pack with the thermostat for $145.96 (plus shipping). That puts it at or below the sensors from Nest and ecobee.

You can order the new Wyze Room sensor starting today, and it will ship immediately.

A Thermostat Sensor

Wyze Room Sensor

Unlike most thermostat sensors, this one is useful to look at.

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