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Razer’s Stormtrooper Xbox Controller Will Probably Miss Every Shot

The Razer limited edition Stormtrooper Xbox controller.

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot like a clumsy Stormtrooper, now’s the time to crack open your piggy bank. Razer just launched a limited Stormtrooper Xbox controller to celebrate Star Wars Day. It features a unique paint job and a speedy charging stand, though unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive.

Don’t worry; this controller won’t really ruin your aim. In fact, you’ll be the sharpest shooting Stormtrooper in the Galactic Empire—Razer’s controller is certified by Microsoft and features responsive analog triggers, immersive vibration, and a textured backside (which is standard for current-gen Xbox controllers).

The Stormtrooper controller works with the Xbox Series X/S, the Xbox One, and PCs. You can also use it with a Mac, though Razer says that Mac users need an Xbox Wireless Adapter to complete the pairing process (which doesn’t make much sense to me, as newly-made Xbox controllers work on macOS without any wizardry).

My only gripe here is the price. Razer is charging $200 for the limited edition Stormtrooper controller. By comparison, a regular Xbox controller and rechargeable battery pack cost just $75.

You can order the Stormtrooper controller now at Amazon. Other Star Wars Xbox gamepads from Razer, including the Boba Fett and Mandalorian controllers, are currently on sale for $140.

Razer Limited Edition Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Controller with Charging Stand – Stormtrooper

Razer's limited edition Stormtrooper controller (which is Microsoft-certified), works with the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. It comes with a charging stand and features the modern textured-backed Xbox controller design.

Source: Razer

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