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ZOWIE Mouse Fitting Kit Review: Every PC Gamer Needs This

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$250 hold + Shipping
The ZOWIE Mouse Fitting Kit box
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

There are a ton of gaming mice out there, and it can be tough to find The One without buying all of them and trying them out one by one. However, with the ZOWIE Mouse Fitting Kit, you can do just that. With it, you’ll be sent 10 gaming mice to try in the comfort of your home for two weeks.

Having a mouse that properly fits your hand makes all the difference when it’s game time, especially since not all mice are created equal. Some mice have an ambidextrous design, which is usable for both right- and left-handed gamers. Others are designed specifically for one hand. Beyond that, mice can have a flatter profile or sport high arches for better palm support. They can even give certain fingers a little more breathing space.

It’s also worth noting real quick that, as is the case for many tech products, reviews for a mouse of any variety will always be subjective. What may work for me may not work for you or anyone else who reads this article. At the same time, that’s the beauty of this kit. So if you’re not sure about the mouse you’re currently using, or the one I said I liked best from this kit, I highly recommend signing up to receive one of these kits to try them all out for yourself.

Even if you ultimately don’t find The One through this service, you’ll still leave the experience with a broader knowledge of gaming mice. That, in turn, may make it easier to find a mouse that’s ideally suited for you and your needs.

Here's What We Like

  • A great idea for gamers
  • Includes test accessories
  • Can purchase 1 mouse directly if you like

And What We Don't

  • Trial period could be longer
  • Model names could be less confusing

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What Is ZOWIE’s Mouse Fitting Kit & How Does It Work?

This mouse fitting kit is a service that was initially launched in the United States in 2019. The whole premise behind this kit is that ZOWIE “believes eSports is a sport and that every player has their own personal preferences.” So the company launched the fitting kit service to make it easier for eSports gamers (but really, for anyone who needs a gaming mouse) that’s comfy and easy to use.

ZOWIE’s fitting kit features 10 refurbished mice with different mouse shapes and sizes spanning four design series. You can order the trial kit from the company’s website to try each mouse out for yourself at home, and you’ll have two full weeks to do so.

Now, I think it is possible to do a decent amount of testing in that time. The vast majority of folks who order the trial kit will probably find two weeks to be enough time to learn about the different mouse profiles and features and to (literally) get a good feel for each.

However, I wish the trial period was a little longer—I’d suggest three weeks instead of two—or that ZOWIE would at least give you the option to add another week to the trial for those who want it. Having just 14 days to try 10 different mice is a pretty tight schedule, especially for folks who have lots of other obligations. This fitting kit is a fantastic idea, but, I think it’d be even more effective if you had just a pinch more time to try each mouse for two days.

The trial period begins the day the fitting kit is delivered to your home. Once the two-week trial period is over, you’ll need to ship the kit back via FedEx using the prepaid return label. From there, the $250 hold will be removed from your credit card in about a week.

How Much Does the Kit Cost?

The ZOWIE Mouse Fitting Kit has an interesting twist regarding its pricing. It does require a $250 hold on a credit card; however, that hold will be removed within a week of the kit being returned and processed.

The only thing you really have to pay for here is the shipping from ZOWIE to you; the company covers the return shipping costs. Shipping for most will only be about $11, but that’ll vary depending on where you live. Still, that’s pretty affordable, considering what the service offers.

ZOWIE also now allows you to purchase any single mouse that you love from the kit for $45 (plus any applicable sales taxes). The charge is added to the credit card used for the hold, and you’ll get a 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty from the purchase date. And, of course, you’ll always have the option to buy a new one, too, but that’ll boost the price from $45 up to $70.

What’s In the Box?

Each of the 10 mice are nicely displayed and easy to see, of course, but they aren’t the only things that come with the kit. You’ll also see two accessories to help testing go a little more smoothly: a Camade II mouse bungee and a sample 12 x 13.5-inch mouse pad with a non-slip base.

The kit itself is a lovely black and red box that feels high quality. The mice each fit inside into dense foam with perfect cutouts for each mouse, and there are notches on either side to make it easier to get them out of the box. That’ll ship in another standard cardboard box to keep that box pristine and gorgeous. And, of course, there’s a prepaid return label, too, so you won’t have to worry about paying to return the fitting kit.

What Are the Different Mice Included In the Kit?

As I briefly mentioned above, there are a variety of different mouse shapes and sizes out there. That’s precisely why ZOWIE made sure to include a variety of different designs, fits, and shapes to accommodate left-handed, right-handed, and ambidextrous users. The 10 included mice span four different series, and there are a few different sizes and tweaks for each.

To properly test the kit, I recommend (as does ZOWIE) starting with a Medium-sized mouse (denoted by a red “M” next to a mouse’s series and model name in the box. By starting with the same size within each of the four series, you can (literally) get a quick feel for each before deciding if that size feels correct or if you may need to move down or up a size.

Each mouse has a different profile, either with a flatter design or a high arch for heightened palm support. Each mouse has a slightly different weight and will react differently to the common claw, palm, and fingertip grips most gamers employ. You’ll also notice that the individual mouse names blend letters (the series’ name) and numbers. The larger the number, the smaller the size within that series (though note that the FK series uses “FK1+ for its extra-large model. That could definitely be less confusing).

Let’s take a look at each:

The ZOWIE EC Series

A ZOWIE EC Series mouse on a stylish purple mousepad
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

First up (well, alphabetically, anyway) is the EC Series, which ZOWIE describes as the most ergonomic in this kit. It features two mice—the EC1 (large) and EC2 (medium) mice—and each has two buttons on the left side for the thumb to use.

EC Series mice have a scooped shape like Logitech’s G502 mouse or Razer’s DeathAdder, for anyone familiar with either of those. The right side of the EC Series contours out a bit towards the palm area, giving you a little more comfy support there for those who like that. It also has extra space towards the front of the mouse for the fourth finger.

This series is designed exclusively for right-handed users. The specific profile of the EC series is ideal for both palm and claw grips, although I’d recommend the larger of the two for palm grip users.

The ZOWIE FK Series

A ZOWIE FK Series mouse on a stylish purple mousepad
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

Second, we have the FK Series, defined by ZOWIE as being “symmetrical” and having a “low-profile design.” In this series, there are three mice: the FK1+ (extra-large), the FK1 (large), and FK2 (medium). Also, note that there is no small size option for this series.

The series’ low and slightly flat profile offers better control; the lowered hump is up closer toward the fingers. That design is suitable for both claw and fingertip grips, but palm grip enthusiasts may also find it comfortable. The FK Series is actually somewhat similar to the ZA series but has an even lower profile.

There are two thumb buttons on either side of the FK Series mouse, thanks to its ambidextrous design. The FK series also tapers narrowly, especially up front, and you won’t see any button flaring here, either.

The ZOWIE S Series

A ZOWIE S Series mouse on a stylish purple mousepad
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

Next is the S Series, which contains two mice: the S1 (medium) and the S2 (small). ZOWIE describes this series as having a “symmetrical design for right-handed users.” Despite having a right-handed design, the S Series still looks pretty similar to both the FK and ZA series’ ambidextrous design.

The S series is ideal for folks with smaller hands, as it features the smallest overall dimensions of any within this kit. These are also the lightest mice in the kit, making them an intriguing choice for those who want optimal control over their mouse and rock either a fingertip or claw grip.

You’ll also notice that both mice are wider and raised at the front to accommodate the fourth finger, similar to the EC Series. There are also two thumb buttons on the left side and enhanced palm support to facilitate free movement better. Personally, this was the Series I liked best. I tend to favor small mice anyway (Logitech’s tiny MX Anywhere 3 is my go-to mouse), as they are easier for me to control.

The ZOWIE ZA Series

A ZOWIE ZA Series mouse on a stylish purple mousepad
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

Lastly, we have the ZA Series. ZOWIE describes this series as “symmetrical” and having a “high profile design that provides more support for your palm.” This series features three mice: the ZA11 (large), the ZA12 (medium), and the ZA13 (small). It’s worth noting that the ZA11 does have two buttons on both sides (unlike the two smaller sizes), making it a more viable choice for ambidextrous or left-handed users.

This series sports a symmetrical design, with a tall hump on the top shell that likely favors claw grips. The ZA Series is quite similar to the FK Series, except it has a much higher profile and feels slightly wider. I’d actually recommend this series for fans of the FK Series who have smaller hands (especially if you have small hands and prefer a palm grip).

The front of these mice flare out into larger buttons, which is nice if you prefer to have a bit more real estate up there. Notches on the front end also make the mice much easier to lift than the others in the series.

How Can You Get the Fitting Kit?

Want to check out the mouse fitting kit in person? I don’t blame you! It’s incredibly convenient and neat, after all! You can order the kit directly from ZOWIE’s website, and it only takes a few moments to complete the process. Just remember that ZOWIE places a $250 hold placed on your credit card.

One of the ZOWIE mice on a white desk with the cord attached to the mouse bungee
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

I will note, though, that I visited that a few times throughout my testing period, and the kit wasn’t always in stock. Instead of a buy button, sometimes I only saw an option to sign up for notifications.

I imagine ZOWIE only has a limited number of the kits to loan out, since it’s all refurbished products, and may not always have one in stock at that moment. However, thanks to the two-week limit on the kit, you most likely won’t be waiting too long before one hits your doorstep, so don’t worry.

Final Thoughts

ZOWIE’s Mouse Fitting Kit is a one-of-a-kind service that every PC gamer (or gaming mouse enthusiast) should experience. It’s a fun and educational experience that can help you find the ideal mouse profile for your specific needs, which is fantastic if you are new to eSports (or PC gaming at large). Heck, even seasoned PC gamers will probably learn a thing or two by checking out this kit.

Although the $250 hold that’s placed on your card is quite steep, it drops once you return it, meaning the whole experience only costs you about $11 (not including the cost of buying one of the mice, of course). I’ve paid more for a movie theater ticket. I also love that ZOWIE allows you to purchase the mouse you like best directly from the kit, so you won’t have to wait another minute to start gaming with it. Personally, I ended up liking the ZOWIE S1 the best (with the EC2 as the surprise second runner up).

I love that ZOWIE includes a mouse pad and mouse bungee in the box, too, to make testing a little easier for folks. It’s just a shame you can’t keep or buy those specific accessories out of the box; that’ll need to be a separate and new transaction. The company certainly doesn’t have to send them along, but it shows that it cares about its products and those who use them, which is always appreciated. I’d love to see more brands offering similar services for their products, and I can’t recommend this one enough! Go and sign up for your own kit!

$250 hold + Shipping

Here’s What We Like

  • A great idea for gamers
  • Includes test accessories
  • Can purchase 1 mouse directly if you like

And What We Don't

  • Trial period could be longer
  • Model names could be less confusing

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