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Get Weekly Mosquito Forecasts with Google and OFF!’s New Tool

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OFF!, Google

Summer is just around the corner, and as always, the mosquitos will go bonkers. If you want to avoid running into a swarm of blood-sucking pests during your next camping trip, you may want to try OFF!’s new mosquito forecast tool, which tells you how bad the mosquitos will be in your area each week.

Developed with help from Google, the OFF!Cast tool takes weather forecasts, mosquito breeding patterns, and mosquito population counts (provided by VectorBase) to predict the severity of mosquitos for every ZIP code in the contiguous United States. It’s an interesting tool that’s proved accurate through six years of research, and it can now send weekly mosquito forecasts straight to your inbox.

an image of my mosquito forecast, which calls for "severe" mosquitos all week.
Okay, I guess I’m not going outside this week. OFF!, Google

All you need to do is type your ZIP code into OFF!Cast. The tool then spits out a week-long forecast detailing mosquito severity in your area. As you can see in the above image, my town is due for a straight week of “severe mosquito” activity, so I’m going to sign up for weekly updates.

I should mention that mosquitos are more than just a pest. They infect over 700 million people with Malaria, Zika, Yellow Fever, and Dengue Fever each year. Some of these mosquito-borne illnesses have no vaccine, hence the need to avoid mosquito bites.

Note that this tool is only available in the contiguous United States. But OFF! promises to expand its mosquito forecasts to Alaska and Hawaii—the company explains that Alaska and Hawaii have different weather patterns and mosquito species than the lower 48 states, so they require a bit of extra research and programming.

Source: Google

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