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The Best Premium Foam Mattresses for a Comfy Night’s Sleep

Hand pressing down into a Layla brand mattress

Traditional mattresses are slowly but surely being replaced by easy-to-ship, inexpensive foam mattresses. But you shouldn’t settle for the first foam mattress that you see, find something comfortable! We’re here to help.

It can be difficult to shop online for a mattress. Since you can’t test each mattress that you see on the internet, you need to take the time to consider your mattress needs. Do you like a deep, soft mattress? Or do you want something more supportive? Maybe you like to sleep on something that’s as cold and dense as a tile floor (I do, but, outside of Korea, good luck finding a stone bed like that).

A good way to figure out your mattress needs is to think about the mattresses of your past. How did they disappoint you, and what did you like about them? What would have made them better?

Even when you’ve figured out what kind of foam mattress you’re looking for, it can still be difficult to navigate through the complicated world of online mattress buying. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best premium foam mattress, for everybody’s needs.

Layla Dual Firmness Memory Foam Mattress ($1,099)

Layla foam mattress in a stylish bedroom next to a red chair

Some people need a foam mattress that can do it all, and that mattress might just be the Layla. It’s a flippable mattress—one side if soft, and the other is firm. Both sides of the Layla mattress are made from a copper infused gel foam, which keeps you comfy and cool at night. And unlike some foam mattresses, the Layla can work with adjustable foundations, so you can prop yourself up or spread yourself out in whatever direction you choose.

This mattress is a bit pricey, but it offers a soft and a firm side — it’s like buying two mattresses for the price of one. People that have a love-hate relationship with their mattress might get a lot out of the Layla, as you can choose between a soft or firm mattress depending on your mood or changing needs. This mattress is also great for a guest room because it can be flipped to suit anybody’s preference—how’s that for some over the top hospitality.

LUCID Plush Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Infused Mattress ($400)

Lucid mattress on a grey foundation and headboard

If you’re looking for an affordable, ultra plush, odor-eliminating mattress, then you should check out the LUCID infused mattress. It’s made from a soft memory foam that can pull you deep into a wonderful sleep. And unlike some soft foam mattresses, the LUCID is firm around the edges, so you won’t be misshapen or hard to sit on.

But you’re not here for the firm edges, you’re here for the odor-elimination. The LUCID’s foam interior is infused with a blend of bamboo charcoal and aloe, which will neutralize whatever smells you bring to bed with you. That’s a pretty novel selling point, but unfortunately, if your back demands a very firm mattress you’ll have to keep looking.

Nectar Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress ($699)

Nectar offers you the comfort of a premium medium-firm mattress at a competitive price. It’s composed of multiple thin layers of foam, including a cooling layer and a quilted gel memory foam layer. It’s cooling, plush, and supportive. And since the Nectar foam mattress can be used with an adjustable base, you can find that sweet spot for a great night’s sleep.

People that always talk about how much they love a firm mattress could get a lot of enjoyment out of the Nectar. It’s one of those mattresses, the kind that some people will dismiss simply because they don’t understand the complex qualities of a tougher mattress.

Cocoon By Sealy Simple And Cooling Mattress ($949.00)

Some foam mattresses are made from multiple layers of foam infusions. Things can get a little out of hand, and you may find yourself longing for a more straightforward premium foam mattress. The Cocoon by Sealy is simply a memory foam mattress with a cooling knit-cover. It’s not too dense, it’s not too soft, and it will make bedtime simply wonderful.

The Cocoon is a foam mattress that’s made for everybody. It’s supportive, yet soft. If your significant other doesn’t share your mattress tastes, then the Cocoon might make a comfy compromise.

Bear Supportive Cooling Comfort Foam Mattress ($840)

If you’re the athletic type, then you may be interested in a Bear premium foam mattress. They’re built with three separate layers of foam, a design that keeps you comfortable and aids in muscle recovery. The first layer is a made of a graphite-gel memory foam, which keeps you cool throughout the night. The second layer is made of a thick quick-response foam, which helps to distribute your weight when you roll over in your sleep. And the last layer is made of a supportive, dense foam, to keep you from sinking too deep into the mattress.

This isn’t just a mattress for gym rats. It provides a level of support that keeps your body from aching in the morning. So if you have a bad back, or you’re not a fan of those ridiculously soft mattresses, then you may find comfort in a Bear.

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