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The Best Bluetooth Adapters For Your TV, Stereo, And Speakers

Bluetooth stereo adapters

Bluetooth is a dream come true. It’s the standard for wireless audio transmission, and it’s great for cleaning up all the wires behind your TV or stereo. But you don’t have to replace your old devices to benefit from Bluetooth.

Adding Bluetooth capabilities to your entertainment center or speakers isn’t very difficult or expensive. If you want to add Bluetooth to your TV or stereo, then you just have to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to their audio output. Boom, you can now pair your audio source with any Bluetooth speaker.  Sounds easy, right?

Keep in mind that if you need to add Bluetooth connectivity to your TV and your speakers, then you’ll need to buy a transmitter and a receiver. Adding a transmitter to your TV won’t magically turn your ancient speakers into Bluetooth speakers or your favorite old school headphones into a Bluetooth pair. Thankfully, a lot of Bluetooth transmitters double as Bluetooth receivers, so you can just buy a pair of them if you need to. If you’re looking specifically for adapters to add to a pair of headphones, however, do check out our top picks here.

Now that you know how to transform your wired setup into a Bluetooth utopia, you need to find the best products to get the job done right. Do you want a device that can hide behind your TV, or do you want something that can sit proudly amongst your audio equipment? Do you need a Bluetooth receiver that can connect to RCA cables, or will AUX work perfectly for your setup? It can be hard to find some good Bluetooth adapters for your TV or stereo, but we’ve rounded up great picks for every need.

Esinkin Tiny Bluetooth Receiver ($23)

Esinkin Bluetooth adapter

If you’re just trying to add Bluetooth compatibility to your speakers, then you should check out the Esinkin Bluetooth receiver. It’s small enough to take on the go or hide behind your audio setup, it has RCA and AUX ports, and it’s affordable. Not bad, right?

This receiver may be the only thing that you need in your setup. Just keep in mind that if you’re trying to transmit audio from your Bluetooth-less TV or stereo, then you’ll need to buy a transmitter as well.

Logitech Tiny Bluetooth Receiver ($21)

Logitech Bluetooth adapter

Another Bluetooth receiver that’s worth looking at is the Logitech adapter. Like the Esinkin, it’s small, portable, and it has RCA and AUX inputs. It’s a great way to add Bluetooth connectivity to your speakers without breaking the bank.

Again, Bluetooth receivers will transform your speakers into wireless audio machines, but they won’t magically add Bluetooth connectivity to your old TV or stereo. You’ll need a transmitter for that.

TaoTronics Mini Trasmitter/Reciever ($32)

TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter

If you’re looking for a tiny transmitter/receiver that can hide behind the TV or go on the road, then you should check out the TaoTronics Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. It has a simple design that’s easy to use, so it’s easy to pair and re-pair your devices. Not to mention, you can use this as a transmitter or a receiver, a versatility that may be essential to your home entertainment setup.

This is a very small piece of tech, and it only connects to devices via AUX cable. That’s probably fine for most people, but if you’re running older equipment, then you’ll need an RCA to 3.5mm cable or a different Bluetooth adapter.

TROND Bluetooth Dual-Link Transmitter/Receiver ($40)

Trond Bluetooth adapter

If you’re looking for a tiny transmitter/receiver that can connect to two devices at a time, then you should check out the Trond Bluetooth adapter. It’s small enough to hide behind your TV, and it’s great for sharing a late night movie with a headphone-clad friend. And since the Trond has an optical audio port and an AUX port, you can use it with most modern TV’s and stereos.

While this is a great device for sharing a late night movie or linking two Bluetooth speakers to your record player, it may not be the first thing that you want to add to your entertainment center. It doesn’t have RCA ports, it may not look great on a shelf with your equipment, and it’s a bit expensive. Music or TV enthusiasts that need to buy two adapters to fully Bluetooth-ify their setup may want to grab something else.

TaoTronics Battery Powered Dual-Link Transmitter/Receiver ($40)

TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter

Some people need a Bluetooth adapter that can do it all. The TaoTronics battery powered Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is the big daddy of Bluetooth adapters. Since it’s small and battery powered, you can use it to transmit or receive Bluetooth signals at home or on the go. It has dual-link capabilities, so you can tirelessly pair two sets of headphones or speakers to the device at a time. And it has both optical and AUX inputs, so you shouldn’t have a problem connecting it to your setup.

Like the TROND, this Bluetooth adapter is a bit expensive, and it may be a bit much for your TV watching or music listening needs. If you’re just trying to form a wireless connection between an old TV and an old speaker, then you should go for something more lightweight. But if you’ve got to have it all, then the TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter is definitely a great option.

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