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Chrome Gets a Clean and Simple Google Lens Update

An example of the Google Lens sidebar in Chrome.
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Just two months ago, Google Lens replaced the traditional “reverse image search” function in the Chrome desktop browser. And it’s already getting a neat update! Instead of opening in a new tab, Google Lens now has a dedicated sidebar in Chrome.

Google Lens is a multi-function tool that can translate text, identify objects in images, show you product links for objects, and so much more. Now that Lens opens in a Chrome sidebar, you can use it without navigating away from a webpage (or cluttering Chrome with extra tabs). All you need to do is right-click an image or text selection and click “Search Image with Google Lens.”


The only downside to this sidebar, in my opinion, is that it can feel a bit cramped on smaller screens. But pressing the “open in new tab” button in the Lens sidebar sends it to a tab, so maybe this isn’t a real problem.  (The “open in new tab” button is that small box with the arrow.)

But what if you don’t want to use Lens? We have a full guide on replacing Lens with the old “reverse image search” function at our sister site, How-To Geek. Just bear in mind that at some point, Google may force you to use Lens instead.

The new Google Lens sidebar should already work in your Chrome browser. If not, you may need to perform a quick update.

Source: Google

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