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Dyson’s Latest Crazy Idea is a Robot for Chores

Dyson robot arm picking up toyts

Dyson is no stranger to crazy ideas. From its air-purifying headphones to mounting lasers on a vacuum to help find small particles of dust. However, the company recently revealed it’s secretly working on crazy robots it hopes will eventually do household chores we all hate.

I remember the first reports about the Dyson wireless hair straightener or its Supersonic hairdryer being crazy, but now both products are constantly sold out. And apparently, Dyson doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon and wants to further improve our lives by doing some chores.

Dyson recently released a neat little three-minute video detailing some of its many secret robotics projects at multiple facilities around the globe. And while we didn’t see anything revolutionary here, it’s an exciting look behind-the-scenes.

As you can see, Dyson is busy creating robots (or arms, rather) that could one day help owners with all sorts of tasks around the house. From tidying up the room by keeping floors clean of toys or doing other chores like putting the dishes away.

One robot project even scans your couch with cameras and sensors to map the layout, then will vacuum out the cracks and crevices, something that no one likes to do.

It’s important to remember that these are nothing more than early prototypes, but Dyson has shown time and time again that it can create some interesting products. However, this video isn’t about showing off upcoming products, many of which were blurred out in the video. It’s about attracting new talent to come work for Dyson.

Dyson is using these “secret robot prototypes” and the video above as a way to entice new robotics engineers to come work for the company. In fact, on the company website, it says they’re looking to hire upwards of 700 new robotic engineers within five years. Employees that will help push its technology forward over the next decade.

I don’t know about you, but if I can get a robot to put my shoes away, do the dishes, and keep the couch clean, that would be great. Oh, and can it fold my laundry too?

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