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Volkswagen’s ID.4 Goes Higher Than an EV’s Ever Gone Before

VW ID.4 Driving up a volcano
Rainer Zietlow

The Volkswagen ID.4 electric sedan is already a big hit when it comes to new electric vehicles, but now the car has gone where no other EV has gone before. Where exactly? To a height of over 19,000 feet up the side of a volcano, setting a Guinness World Record along the way.

To be more specific, a guy named Rainer Zietlow and his three-person team drove a well-equipped ID.4 GTX on a mission to break another world record, something he’s done several times in VW vehicles.

For this exciting journey, Zietlow and his crew set sights on the Cerro Uturuncu, a dormant volcano in the Sur Lípez Province of Bolivia. Then, they managed to drive the VW ID.4 GTX through rough terrain, snow, rocks, and more to an elevation of over 19,000 feet (5,816 meters), without the help of a winch or any other equipment to complete the task.

This is special and a Guinness World Record for a few reasons. For one, they went higher in elevation than any EV before it. Furthermore, the ID.4 GTX managed to reach over 19,000 feet in elevation with no help of any kind.

No, this isn’t your average VW ID.4 available in North America, for those wondering. Instead, his team chose the premium GTX trim, which comes with improvements to the chassis and an upgraded Tenneco sports suspension system to handle the rough terrain.

The suspension manufacturer Tenneco shared the news earlier this week of the successful mission. The ID.4 is also rocking a set of Hankook’s EV-specific tires.

On this cold journey, the team wanted to highlight just how capable an EV can be and that they can perform anywhere, even at high altitudes and less than ideal temperatures. In total, Zietlow now holds five Guinness records.

via Electrek

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