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Samsung Shows off Its Next-Gen 200MP Phone Camera Sensor

Samsung's new 200MP phone camera sensor

Samsung first started teasing its insane new 200-megapixel camera system back in 2021, and now it looks like the sensor is almost ready for primetime. This week, the company gave us our first glance at what will likely power the camera in its upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra.

These days our smartphones keep getting bigger and better, and lately, Samsung has turned its attention to the camera systems. And while we all know a bigger megapixel count doesn’t always mean better, the new ISOCELL HP1 sensor with a 200MP count shows a lot of promise.

According to Samsung, this is the first image sensor to adopt all-directional focusing Dual Pixel Pro technology, not to mention a new ChameleonCell pixel-binning technology that can adapt to any situation or lighting. While it sounds pretty technical, just know that this new sensor should deliver impressive photos.

The sensor isn’t ready to go in smartphones in its current form, but that should change soon. The video shows it tossed on a circuit board, and it required a few other hardware accessories to work. Obviously, this is just a sample used to create the teaser video above, but it still highlights what could be possible with upcoming mobile cameras.

Packing a 200MP setup into a sensor this small that can fit in a phone is an industry first. And while this impressive new camera technology isn’t in any phones yet, several are coming.

The new Motorola Frontier coming later this year will likely be our first look at Samsung’s new sensor, or at least a variation of it. Then, we’re assuming Samsung will pack it inside the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra in early 2023. Then, you too can take great photos of your dog or cat.

Source: Samsung 

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