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The Third Cutest ‘Star Wars’ Droid Will Come to LEGO

A BD-1 droid looking up at Cal from 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'

In the world of cute Star Wars droids, the order goes R2D2, BB8, and then BD-1. C3PO is awesome but not cute. And if you agree with that list, you’ll be happy to hear that it looks like LEGO will release a BD-1 set.

BD-1, if you aren’t familiar, is a droid model that first appeared in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The droid notably differs from other famous models by traveling on two walking legs in a size small enough to hop on your shoulder. He serves as a helpful sidekick in the game, providing healing stims, equipment scans, a spotlight, and more. Another BD model even made a brief cameo in a recent Boba Fett model.

A LEGO BD-1 droid set

Although LEGO hasn’t announced it yet, you can already find the set on its site for pre-order, which gives us all the detail we need. The LEGO BD-1set  will have 1,062 pieces and should be appropriate for ages 14 and up. As is often the case with LEGO Star Wars droid builds, BD-1 will also come with a plaque and stand to display next to him.

The BD-1 model is even poseable, and you can tilt his head back, forth, and sideways. True to the game, LEGO BD-1 has a compartment for stim canister elements. If you prefer digital instructions, you’re in luck here too. You can use the LEGO Building instructions app to put this one together.

LEGO BD-1 is available for pre-order right now and will release on August 1st. The set costs $99.99.


LEGO BD-1 is available for pre-order now and releases on August 1st.

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