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Another Pixel 7 Prototype Ended Up In Someone’s Pocket

The Google Pixel 7 in white. Its camera bar features two large back lenses, one of which is oval shaped.

At the end of May, we reported on Google’s unreleased Pixel 7 popping up on eBay. Now, it looks like another Pixel 7 prototype, the flagship Pixel 7 Pro, ended up on Facebook marketplace and in someone’s pocket.

From the reports and comments we’re seeing, someone bought what they thought was Google’s current Pixel 6 Pro on Facebook marketplace. Then, that person claims to have used the phone for several weeks, bought a case for it, and enjoyed it without realizing it’s the unreleased Pixel 7 Pro running early prototype software.

The buyer mentioned it on Reddit, then eventually shared photos to verify that they had a Pixel 7 Pro. Unfortunately, once the Pixel 7 showed up on eBay earlier this week, Google took action and remotely erased and disabled some Pixel 7 prototypes, killing the phone. Now, the Facebook buyer has a non-functioning device, which is how we got to where we are now.

leaked Pixel 7 Pro prototype

This Is Tech Today reportedly found a Pixel 7 prototype on Facebook marketplace as well and suggests these phones came from the same person. This all sounds a little fishy, but nothing surprises me anymore, especially when it comes to Google devices.

For whatever reason, Google can’t seem to stop the leaks. And these just aren’t leaked images. These are physical products appearing in public, getting used, sold, and otherwise distributed. It’s odd to see, considering the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro likely won’t get released until October.

These new phones aren’t just shipping a week or so early, but somehow being sold 4+ months before they’re even supposed to get released. Maybe that’s why Google chose to show them off at Google I/O months earlier than anyone expected.

We didn’t learn anything new from this latest Pixel 7 Pro leak. It’s just another example of Google’s phones out in the wild. However, considering they’re being tested so early, maybe Google will release the Pixel 7 series earlier this year. We’ll have to wait and see.

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