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PSA: Newer MacBook Pros Have Screen Backlight Problems Due to a Design Flaw


Are you the proud owner of a 2016 or newer MacBook Pro? Unfortunately, there’s a ticking time bomb on the inside that will eventually cause issues for the display’s backlight, and it’s a design flaw that affects every single unit.

Forever known as “Flexgate” (and detailed by iFixit), the issue deals with the MacBook Pro’s flexible display ribbon cables, which Apple designed to be extremely thin in the newer models. Unfortunately, they made them too thin, and with enough opening and closing of the lid, that thin cable will prematurely wear down and tear apart.

This causes the backlight of the display to give off a “stage light effect” at the bottom of the screen, and eventually craps the bed entirely once the lid is fully open, as demonstrated in the video below.

Unfortunately, according to iFixit, these cables are a part of the display, so the cables alone aren’t replaceable, but rather the entire display assembly has to be replaced, which is an expensive repair to say the least. Worse yet, iFixit says that it’s not a matter of “if” this will happen to your unit, but “when” it will happen.

This isn’t just a manufacturing defect that affects a small number of MacBook Pro units. Rather, it’s a design flaw which affects every single unit made since 2016. Some users have been able to get their unit repaired free of charge, but others haven’t been so lucky. The best thing you can do is contact Apple support as soon as you start having issues.

Apple has yet to officially address the issue, but as time goes on, we’re betting that we’ll see more and more complaints about this, and Apple will eventually have to do something.

via iFixit

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