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Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger Review: Small, But Mighty

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Price: $119.99
Satechi charger with USB-C cables
Brenna Miles / Review Geek

Ensuring all of your devices are charged and ready can be a challenge, especially when you must mess with multiple cables and charge blocks. The Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger features a single cable and fast charging speed.

As with other multi-device chargers, you don’t get 165W of power out of each USB-C port. It’s the max output of the entire charger. As we’ll go over below, the amount of power outputted by each port will change with every device you plug in.

Here's What We Like

  • Four charge ports for simultaneously charging multiple devices
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Included stand for desktop use

And What We Don't

  • No USB-C cables included
  • Slightly expensive

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Fast Charging Speed for Up to Four Devices

USB-C Port Charging Speeds:

  • 1 x USB-C—up to 100W
  • 2 x USB-C—up to 100W/60W
  • 3 x USB-C—60W/60W/45W or 100W/30W/30W
  • 4 x USB-C—60W/45W/30W/30W up to 165W total

This Satechi charger features 165 watts of charging power, enabling it to charge up to four devices at once at full speed. The charger also features Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology which is known to decrease charging times for USB-C devices (and improve power efficiency to boot). This is also why this charger is more compact than other silicon-based semiconductor options.

The Satechi charger automatically distributes power depending on the devices connected, from 100 watts for a single device to 60W/45W/30W/30W for four devices. No matter how you split it up, you’ll get 165 watts in total.

The wattage combined with GaN tech results in a charger that performs. There’s no reason why this charger wouldn’t charge devices such as a MacBook Pro M1, an iPhone, and an iPad all at the same time.

I performed a couple of tests to see just how this charger performed for me in the wild. First, I kept it simple by connecting my nearly dead iPhone 11 to the charger to see how fast I could reach full power. I hit full charge in approximately an hour and 48 minutes, which is admittedly faster than my normal setup (thanks, GaN).

I also tested the charger by connecting my iPhone 11, AirPods, and iPad at the same time. The Satechi charger handled it all like a champ.

On-the-Go and Desktop Friendly

Satechi charger charging iPhone
Brenna Miles / Review Geek

  • Dimensions: 3.93 x 1.22 x 2.8in (99.82 x 30.99 x 71.12mm)
  • Weight: 12 ounces (340.194g)

One of my favorite features of this Satechi charger is the ability to use it on my desk or while on the go. First, the charger’s dimensions of 3.93 x 1.22 x 2.8in (99.82 x 30.99 x 71.12mm) make it quite compact. Plus, the charger weighs approximately 12 ounces (340.194g) and features a detachable wall charger cable. It’s perfect for tossing into your laptop case or bag.

The space-saving size makes it a great option for your desk or bedside too. The charger comes with its own detachable desktop stand to keep it secure and out of the way. Plus, the modern design and gray tone will work well with any aesthetic.

Another benefit of this Satechi charger is the ability to reduce the number of cables that require connection to a wall outlet. All you need is one outlet instead of four.

Setting up the charger is seriously as easy as taking it out of the box, connecting the wall charger cable, and connecting your devices.

Full of Ports, “Short” on Cables

Satechi charger charging multiple devices
Brenna Miles / Review Geek

While this charger includes four PD ports, it doesn’t come with any USB-C cables. These cables must be purchased separately (if you don’t have them already). Unfortunately, this adds to the overall cost of the charger. While you can certainly use the cables that come standard with your devices, including a Satechi USB-C cable would be a welcome addition for the price.

Coming in at roughly 4-feet-long (1.22m), I found the wall charger cable to be a bit short for my personal office setup. This length may not be an issue for others. However, if your office or workspace is lacking in wall outlets, this is something to consider.

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Great Choice When Multi-Device Power Matters

Overall, this Satechi charger was a joy to use. I found myself forgoing my other chargers for this one, especially during my work day. Fewer cables and a fast charge wrapped in a small package—what’s not to love?

Is the Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger for you? If you simply want a faster way to charge your phone (or even two smaller devices), there are more cost-efficient alternatives out there. However, if you need to be able to charge three or more devices, including a high-power device such as a MacBook, this Satechi charger is a great choice for you.

Rating: 8/10
Price: $119.99

Here’s What We Like

  • Four charge ports for simultaneously charging multiple devices
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Included stand for desktop use

And What We Don't

  • No USB-C cables included
  • Slightly expensive

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