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Lightroom Gets Video Editing Support with Color Grading

Editing a cycling video in Adobe Lightroom

One of Lightroom’s most requested features is finally here. The latest Lightroom update (v 5.4) lets you edit videos with basic trimming and color grading tools. You can even apply your custom photography presets to videos.

Now, this update doesn’t make Lightroom a full-fledged video editor. You can’t arrange clips in a timeline, for example, and you can’t color grade different scenes in a video—that’s what Adobe Premiere is for.

But video editing in Lightroom is still an amazing idea. Its controls are simple, intuitive, and power, which is something that you can’t say for other video editors. If you just need to color grade a small clip before editing in a different program, Lightroom is a fantastic option.

Along with video support, the new Lightroom update lets you adjust preset intensity with a new “preset amount slider.” There are also new “adaptive presets” that intelligently target certain parts of your image, such as the background.

Adobe Lightroom

Whether you need automatic adjustments, deep controls, or artistic presets, Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to edit your photos. And now, Lightroom supports video editing!

Source: Adobe

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