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The Best Versions of Fluxx of 2022

A 'Doctor Who: Fluxx' card game on a table
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Fluxx is the card game that’s never the same twice because the rules are constantly changing. And just like Monopoly and The Game of Life, it makes sense to create new versions of a game that’s loads of fun. That’s why you’ll find multiple Fluxx editions to choose from and soon start a collection to lay with all your friends and family.

What Is Fluxx?

The Fluxx card game is the most famous product from Looney Labs, first invented in July 1996. The unique selling point of Fluxx is that the rules are constantly changing, so every single game you play is never the same. The way you win in each game varies based on which cards are played; it can often change multiple times in a single game.

The original Fluxx game was such a hit that Looney Labs kept creating new, themed versions for people to fall in love with. You can even find famous franchise versions, like Doctor Who or The Wizard of Oz, but other versions are simply an alteration of the original Fluxx game with new cards and tactics to implement.

In addition to the Basic Rules card, every game of Fluxx has four main types of cards: Keepers, Goals, New Rules, and Actions. The game starts by putting the Basic Rules card in the center of the table and dealing out three cards to each player. Most Fluxx versions can have two to six players in a game and take about 10 to 40 minutes to finish.

Whoever dealt the cards gets to go first, following the Basic Rules at first and then adapting to any New Rules cards played. To get closer to victory, you hold on to Keeper cards and use Action cards to carry out a one-time move. When the current Goal card is met by any of the players, the game ends, and a winner is declared!

Start With the First Game: Original Fluxx

Looney Labs Fluxx 5.0 card game open box and contents
Looney Labs

With most things, nothing can beat the original. The Fluxx card game is no different. While many people have preferences on which Fluxx version is the best, the original game- now in its fifth edition- is the place to start if you’re new to the card game.

In classic Fluxx, there are 100 cards to play with, split between four card types: New Rules, Actions, Keepers, and Goals. Each game starts with a Basic Rules card, but the rules quickly change as played New Rules cards actively alter gameplay. This mechanic keeps everyone on their toes and even changes what it’ll take to win the game.

Action cards let you shake things up with a one-time move in the game but won’t alter the rules. You hold on to Keeper cards to get you closer to the finish line, and with 30 different Goal cards, there’s so much fun to unpack in every game. Two to six players can play (ages eight and up), and each game takes about 5 to 30 minutes to finish. Because this is a compact card game, it’s great to take with you on a road trip, a flight, or just over to a friend’s house.

Start With the First Game

Original Fluxx

If it's your first time every playing Fluxx, this is a great place to start and you'll find tons of new ways to play.

For Sci-Fi Lovers: Star Fluxx

Looney Labs Star Fluxx card game open box and contents
Looney Labs

Star Fluxx takes everything awesome about the original Fluxx game and adds a space theme and two new card types to keep things interesting. You’ll find new Keepers, like a captain or an expendable crewman, and new spacey locations, like the moon or a space station. You could have to disable an evil computer, battle brain parasites, or deal with a ship infestation of cute, fuzzy aliens.

In addition to the four original card types—Keepers, New Rules, Goals, and Actions—there are Creeper cards and Surprise cards. Creeper cards attach to Keeper cards and prevent you from winning unless the Goal states otherwise. Surprise cards, as the name implies, let you surprise other players by playing outside of your turn. All of the cards, including the original four types, are space-themed.

Just like the original Fluxx game, Star Fluxx has 100 total cards. It takes about 10 to 40 minutes to play a single game, depending on whether you have two or six players involved, and anyone ages eight and up can play.

For Sci-Fi Lovers

Star Fluxx

Anyone who enjoys a good space movie or television series needs to pick up Star Fluxx for all the references.

Where Everyone Can Lose: Cthulhu Fluxx

Looney Labs Cthulhu Fluxx card game open box and contents
Looney Labs

Although there are multiple stories with Cthulu at its center, Cthulu Fluxx is based on H. P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulu series. You can battle cults, investigate the stolen Necronomicon, and explore tombs beneath the ice.

What’s unique about Cthulu Fluxx is that there’s a chance that no winner could be declared. This version of Fluxx has Ungoal cards that can end the game the moment it’s drawn as long as its conditions are met by what’s currently on the game board. Then, in addition to the other four card types traditionally found in Fluxx games, Cthulu Fluxx also has Surprise cards you can play at any time.

Because of the dark topics covered in Cthulu Fluxx, the recommended age range is slightly higher than usual; anyone ages 13 and up can play. However, the number of players and estimated playtime is the same as other Fluxx games: two to six players and about 10 to 40 minutes per game.

Where Everyone Can Lose

Cthulhu Fluxx

Cthulu Fluxx introduces new cards that make it possible for no one to win.

For Zany Fun: Monty Python Fluxx

Looney Labs Monty Python Fluxx card game box
Looney Labs

Monty Python Fluxx is a great way to introduce the younger generation to the whacky fun of Monty Python. You’ll see familiar characters, creatures, and other items from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For the most part, Monty Python Fluxx is just like the original Fluxx, except with a special theme and the addition of a few Creeper cards to prevent other people from winning.

Many of the Action cards will make players do hilarious things, like sing songs, talk in funny accents, and even quote lines from the movie. Each game takes about 10 to 40 minutes to finish, and two to six players can participate, making it a perfect choice for a family game night!

For Zany Fun

Monty Python Fluxx

Most likely, only fans of Monty Python will get a kick out of this version, but even younger kids will enjoy the silly accents and whacky quotes.

A Twist on a Classic: Jumanji Fluxx

Looney Labs Jumanji Fluxx card game open box and contents
Looney Labs

Whether you fell in love with the book, the original movie, the new film, or any of the countless games based on it, Jumanji is a classic story for the whole family. Cardinal Games published a variant, but this version of Jumanji Fluxx is the specialty edition published by Looney Labs with seven bonus cards for a total of 107.

Within these 107 cards, you’ll see the typical four card types—New Rules, Actions, Keepers, and Goals—as well as the addition of Danger cards. If a Danger card is played against you by another player, it can eliminate you from the game for a single turn. Watch out for the sneaky Sound of Drums Action card that allows you to take any Danger card out of the discard pile (or two cards if you were drumming on the table during the previous player’s turn).

Two to six players can enjoy Jumanji Fluxx at once, and each game takes about 10 to 40 minutes to complete, depending on how many players are involved. Anyone ages eight and up can get in on the fun!

A Twist on a Classic

Jumanji Fluxx

With cards that reference the original movie, Jumanji Fluxx is like a blast to the past.

Survive an Apocalypse: Zombie Fluxx

Looney Labs Zombie Fluxx card game box
Looney Labs

Zombie Fluxx is a lot like Cthulu Fluxx, but it’s less specific and an excellent pick for any zombie fanatics who want to test their apocalypse skills. Both Fluxx versions have Ungoal cards and Creeper cards mixed into 100 total cards along with Action cards, New Rules cards, Keeper cards, and Goals cards, for a total of six card types.

You’ll get to battle zombies with chainsaws, barricade the windows to protect yourself, or maybe even start a zombie baseball team. The zombies are found on Creeper cards, which attach to Keeper cards. For the most part, you try to kill the zombies keeping you from winning, but with the right New Rule card, you might want to keep the zombies alive. Then, the Ungoal cards can potentially end the game for everyone with no one as the winner.

Since the card contents can still be pretty gory in this version, the recommended age range is 12 and up. An estimated playthrough with two to six players can take five to 30 minutes to complete.

Survive an Apocalypse

Zombie Fluxx

How well would you do in a real-life apocalypse? Find out by playing Zombie Fluxx.

Plunder From Yer Mates: Pirate Fluxx

Looney Labs Pirate Fluxx open box and contents
Looney Labs

Pirate Fluxx is a fantastic choice for younger kids, especially those with an affinity for the fictional high seas. With the help of certain cards, there are times you’ll have to talk like a pirate, eat fruit to prevent scurvy, or steal from your friends.

In this version, there are also Surprise cards that let you play out of turn, which gives you a sneaky advantage. There’s also some hearty fun in drawing the Captain’s Hat Keeper card because another player can play the Mutiny Action card at any time and snatch your Captain’s Hat from your hand or the board. There can be two to six players (ages eight and up), and you can finish a game in five to 30 minutes.

Plunder From Yer Mates

Pirate Fluxx

With Pirate Fluxx, you get to steal cards from friends and family and they can't get mad at you because it's a game. Right?

Find Your Favorite Franchise

In addition to all these wonderful versions of Fluxx, there are also versions specific to popular franchises. If you’re a franchise fan, you’ll likely be a fan of the related Fluxx game. The ones listed below certainly aren’t all of them, and Looney Labs is constantly releasing new versions, so keep an eye out if you don’t see your favorite franchise!

  • Marvel Fluxx: Any fan of Marvel superheroes will love this version of Fluxx. You’ll find new superhero Keeper cards, but ultimately, the game’s rules are the same as the original, which is to say, the rules are always changing.
  • Doctor Who Fluxx: Travel through time with all the Doctors that have ever existed, with the addition of Creeper cards to make the path to winning more treacherous. With 100 cards and crazy, timey wimey actions, Doctor Who Fluxx is so much fun.
  • Firefly Fluxx: Ah, Firefly, the TV series that was canceled too soon. Luckily, you can relive all your favorite Firefly moments while playing Firefly Fluxx! You’ll find Mal, Wash, Zoe, Inara, and a slew of your other favorite characters and lines from the series.
  • Oz Fluxx: This version is based on The Wizard of Oz and initially released in 2016. While it was originally a special edition you could only get for a limited time, it came out of the vault in 2021 for people to enjoy yet again. You’ll find Creeper cards, like the Wicked Witch of the West, in addition to the four traditional types of cards.
  • Wonderland Fluxx: There are multiple versions of the story of Alice in Wonderland, but this Fluxx version is based on Lewis Carroll’s original two books. There’s one Creeper card—the Jabberwock—and four surprise cards, and all the cards have original black and white illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.
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