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Best Attaches and Underseat Bags for Frequent Fliers

underseat travel bags

Tired of racing people to the overhead compartments? Maybe it’s time to start shoving that carry-on luggage under the seat.

Underseat bags, while not as big as overhead bags, are incredible pieces of luggage. They’re compact, lightweight, and the best of them can totally replace your overhead bag. An underseat bag can take the hassle out of a short flight, but it can also smooth the edges of a long flight.

Not to mention, replacing (or supplementing) your overhead bag with an underseat bag can provide you with in-flight access to the snacks, games, and books that would usually be thumping around above somebody’s head. You won’t have to scramble together what you need while boarding, and you won’t have to beg an attendant to let you dig around in the overhead compartment mid-flight.

A lot of underseat bags have found their way to store shelves and online retailers, but none of them are created equal. Some of them are just big, pocket-less nylon tote bags. What’s the point in buying a piece of luggage that isn’t durable or organized?

That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best underseat bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of these bags are durable, organized, and suited to a modern flyer’s needs.

Samsonite Underseater With USB Port ($90)


Samsonite Underseater is a strange, exciting little bag. It’s a bit roomier than most underseat bags, and tows the line between a backpack and a serious piece of luggage. The Underseater has four organized pockets, and the main pocket is big enough to hold a 15″ laptop. It has a set of wheels and a retractable handle, but it can still slide onto the handle of a larger bag. The Underseater also has a USB port that can be linked with a portable battery, for easy in-flight phone charging.

Really, anyone can get some use out of the Underseater. It’s a great primary bag for short flights, as it can hold a lot of clothes and electronics. But it’s also a good piece of supplemental luggage for longer flights, because it has so many organized pockets for your laptop, your portable battery, snacks, books, and games.

Samsonite Advena Travel Bag ($55)


If you’re looking for a deep and durable underseat bag, then you should check out the Samsonite Advena. It’s a duffel-styled bag with two large pockets, a shoulder strap, and a sleeve that can slide over the handles of a larger bag.

The Advena is a great little carry on bag, and it could potentially be used to carry all of your clothes, snacks, or entertainment. It isn’t big enough to hold a laptop, but it can fulfill all of your other needs.


Aerolite Duffle Bag ($15)


When you only fly once or twice a year, there isn’t much of a point in buying expensive luggage. The Aerolite underseat bag is an affordable alternative to name brand duffel-style underseat bags. It can hold 19 lbs of clothes, books, rocks, or whatever TSA-friendly items you want to bring on a flight, and it has a nice front pocket for small items like papers or chapsticks.

Like other duffel-styled underseat bags, the Aerolite has a shoulder strap, a handle, and a sleeve that can connect it to a larger piece of luggage.

AmazonBasics Underseat Bag ($60)


The AmazonBasics underseat bag is genuinely impressive. It’s a relatively large underseat bag with a spacious, organized interior, and two side pockets. It has wheels, a retractable handle, and a sleeve that can attach to the handle of a larger bag. Best of all, the AmazonBasics underseat bag is affordable, and surprisingly durable. It’s a great deal.

Again, larger underseat bags are great for all kinds of trips. On a short trip, this could be your primary piece of luggage. But on a longer trip, the AmazonBasics bag could hold a laptop, extra clothes, a camera, books, a crotchet kit, and whatever else you’ll need to pass the time in-flight.

RomWell Waterproof Duffle Bag ($21)


Luggage tends to be expensive, black, and utilitarian. But the RomWell underseat bag is versatile and stylish. It’s made from a nice looking waterproof material that’s great for both flights and camping trips. Since the RomWell is 17″ wide, it’s big enough to hold a laptop and anything else you might need in flight. Plus, it’s front pocket is organized specifically for phones, extra batteries, pens, and cables.

The RomWell comes with a set of backpack straps, but it can also slide onto the handle of a larger piece of luggage. It’s a great alternative to a hefty laptop bag, but it also makes a nice little snacks n’ socks bag.

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