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LEGO’s Mighty Bowser Set Is Practically a Puppet

The LEGO Mighty Bowser set.

If you thought LEGO’s Super Mario sets were exciting, wait until you see Bowser. The all-new LEGO Mighty Bowser is a massive, ridiculously detailed set that’s inspired by puppetry and doubles as a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course add-on.

The Mighty Bowser features a whopping 2,807 pieces, most of which are adapted from LEGO cars, airplanes, and other vehicle sets. There are very few “character pieces” here, and one of the only new bricks in this build, the three-by-three ogive (represented as spikes on Bowser’s shell), could easily double as an architectural piece.

But don’t get too obsessed with the bricks—Mighty Bowser is more than just a static model. In fact, it’s practically a puppet, with back-mounted buttons and triggers to move his head, open his mouth, and shoot fireballs. More impressively, Mighty Bowser’s legs and tail enter a “jumping position” when you lift him into the air.

Even Bowser’s arms and fingers can articulate, though they aren’t linked to any buttons. And if you own a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, you can use Mighty Bowser as an add-on final boss. Repeatedly stomping on him with Mario is the only way to win.

Now, Mighty Bowser comes with a few accessories, including a hidden POW block and a two-tower display stand. You can knock over these towers when fighting Mighty Bowser with a LEGO Mario figurine, which looks pretty fun.

The new LEGO Mighty Bowser set should appeal to both kids and collectors. But I have a feeling that collectors may be the biggest buyers here, as Mighty Bowser costs a whopping $270. It goes on sale October 1st.

LEGO The Mighty Bowser

The Mighty Bowser set features 2,807 pieces, articulating joints controlled by buttons, and compatibility with the LEGO Super Mario series. It goes on sale October 1st.

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