American Airlines Teams Up with Apple for Free In-Flight Music

Apple Music on the iPhone XR
Cameron Summerson

Normally, you’d need to save your tunes for offline playback if you plan on jamming out (read: killing time) on a flight. Today, American Airlines is joining forces with Apple to let Apple Music subscribers stream for free.

Starting on February 1st, Apple Music users will be able to jump on the in-flight Wi-Fi on American Airlines flights and stream all their music free of charge. That means no coughing up twelve bucks (or whatever it is) to access the Wi-Fi, just connect and stream. That’s cool.

Of course, there are a few caveats here—like the fact that this is only for domestic US flights. Sorry international travelers, you’ll still need to pony up them dollar dollar bills to get your stream on.

Otherwise, streams will also be limited to your personal library, the Beats 1 stream, or curated playlists. If you want to expand your listening past this, you’ll have to pay up. Still, free is free, even if it is limited.

To get your free stream on, simply connect to the Wi-Fi at log in with your Apple Music subscription. Don’t have one? Worry not—you can sign up right there on the plane and get three months for free. Solid.


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